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prejudicial to the family, to whom the stigma of de- generacy would be attached. With regard to the pa- tients, they would greatly profit by an exact diagnosis which enabled the physician to adopt the rational Buy Zyprexa treat- ment — that is, medicinally — of typhoid fever, rheuma- tism, syphilis, etc., which might Zyprexa Purchase be the causes of cere- bral troubles. For typhoid 'fever the serum reaction was a Purchase Zyprexa valuable test. THE KEAV YORK MEDICAL JOURXAL, Di-xj-LMnEi; 11, 181)7. (L'^nquuil Olanzapine Tablet d'ommunirations. notes on a case of traumatic injury of the pnkumogastric, iiyi'0(;lossal, and sympatiii-:tic nerves. Bt WILLIAM UIKSCII, M. 1). In spite of the numerous experiments and the care- ful observation Risperidone Olanzapine of j)athological eases which have been published during the last few years there are still many points in the physiology of the cervical sympa- thetic, as well as some cranial nerves, which are by no means clear and which have to be made the subject Zyprexa 10mg of further investigation. The various diU'erences in the result of experiments on the one hand and pathological cases on the other have been correctly attributed to the fact that physiological results of the animal experi- ment can be applied to the luiman being only cum grano Olanzapine 10 Mg salts; and, secondly, that diseased conditions are alwaj's apt to be complicated, and therefore may perhaps misrepresent the real state Olanzapine Tablets of affairs. Neither of Online Zyprexa these objections can be advanced in eases of traumatic injury, and these cases are therefore of special value for phj-sio- logical study. The following case may perhaps in some measure contribute to the elucidation of some doubtful points: On the Sth of March, of this year, F. B., laborer, forty-nine years old, was sent to me with the diagnosis of paralysis of the left vocal cord. The patient gave the following history: He had always been in good health, never had syphilis, and was temperate in his habits. Zyprexa Online He said he had met with the following accident last October: '\^^lile he was cleaning a revolver a shot was discharged; the bullet entered his hard palate at about its centre, and, according to his statement, emerged from a point on the left side of the nose near the orbit. He became unconscious and was Olanzapine Price taken to a hospital, where he remained for about seven weeks. Since the accident his speech has Cheap Zyprexa been somewhat affected, " tlie tongue feeling heavy." In eating, particles of food would settle under the left side of the tongue, so that he had to remove them with his finger. His voice had disappeared altogether, and he could only whisper. It returned, however, to some extent after several weeks, but remained harsh and rough. He did not see so well with the left eye as with the right; " everything appears darker on this side." He has vomited a great deal since the accident, and up to several weeks ago he vomited after nearly every meal. This symptom, how- ever, has now disappeared entirely and his appetite is nonnal. For several months he was troubled by a very marked salivation. Wlienever he woke up from sleep his mouth was full of Olanzapine 5 Mg saliva, and he was often kept HA^ako by this annoying symptom. Several weeks ago, however, this symptom disappeared entirely. He never had any pain or any other subjective symptom. The objective examination revealed the fol- lowing status: Moderately well-nourished Olanzapine Risperidone man of medi- um size. At the left side of the root of the nose near tlie orViit is a scar, which, according to his statement, was caused by the exit of the bullet. AnotJier scar may be seen in the niichlle of the hard jjalate where the bul- let luad entered. The pupil of the left eye is about two tlurds the size of that on the right. The fissure of the left eyelid is smaller than Zyprexa 5 that of the other side; the lower left eyelid does not stand higher than the right one, but still it was clear that there was no ptosis due to paresis of the levator palpebraj superioris, as the pa- tient was able to move the eyelid perfectly well in looking upward. The left eyeball is somewhat Zyprexa Buy sunken, but on palpation no difference appears in the consist- ence of the two eyeballs. The oplithahnoseopic exam- ination reveals perfectly normal and similar conditions in both eyes. Both pupils react to light and accommo- dation, Olanzapine 5mg but the reaction to light of the left pupil seems a little slow. There is no difference of the two halves of the face in respect to nutrition, color, sensation, and motility. Wlien the patient opens his mouth a marked difference between the two halves of the tongue is re- vealed, the left half being narrower and more corrti- gated than the right, but there is no fibrillary twitch- ing; at the Zyprexa 10 base the left half appears a little more prominent than the right. To the touch the left half feels thinner than the right. When the tongue is kept quiet in the mouth, the tip deviates slightly to the right, while when it is extended it de\iates Zyprexa Mg consider-

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