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all the more difficult, he saj's, to be quite sure about the genuine nature of these cases; the patients look so well and hearty that there is an inclination to regard them Zetia 10 Mg as malingerers. Even electrical tests are not always conclusive. A Case of Verminous Abscess due to the Oxyuris. — The November number of the Beviie mensuelk des maladies de I'enfancc devotes considerable space to an article by Dr. E. Frrelich on verminous tumors in children, in which the following case is recorded by the author, who considers it interesting from more than one point of view: The patient, a boy eleven years old, Buy Zetia was brought to the hospital at Nancy for a small tumor ia the int^ergluteal Zetia Hair Loss fold, near the anus. The tumor had appeared eight days before and been accompanied by Zetia Discount Card moderate pains and some fever. On examining the gluteal region the author discov- ered a small protuberance of about the size of a nut, situated three centimetres from the anus, in the inter- gluteal fold. The upper part of the tumor was red, and the borders were of a coppery yellow; the base was hard and encroached on the buttocks. There was no erosion Cholesterol Zetia of the skin. Pressure was painful. An ex- amination of the anal mucous membrane revealed the Dec. 4, 1897.. MISCELLANY. 785 presence of two oxyures, which were two centimetres and a half long and very lively. By introducing a linger into the Cost Of Zetia rectum and placing the Zetia Discount index linger of the other hand on the intergluteal tumor, the au- thor distinctly felt fluctuation; the collection of liquid seemed to make the skin bulge, but it was remote from the rectum. Dr. Froelich thought it might be a circumanal ab- scess, and he made an incision in the skin on its most prominent part. He was greatly surprised to see enor- mous numbers of oxyures escape from the incision; they were wound together in a mass, but rapidly un- wound themselves and struggled in the pus with an extraordinary vitality. The author thought that there must be some com- munication between the abscess and the rectal cavity, but. an examination revealed no such communication. He then carefully examined the rectal mucous mem- brane with the aid Zetia Cost of a speculum ani; it was red and presented in places hoemorrliagic Discount Zetia points. The author Buy Zetia Online parted the rectal mucous membrane very carefully and assiduously, thinking to find an opening, but in vain. Near several of these ecchymotic points there existed small and not very deep ulcerations into which the probe penetrated one or two millimetres. These small anfractuosities existed also on the anterior and poste- rior wall of the intestine. During the course of this examination several oxyures presented themselves above the rectum. A grooved sound introduced into the ab- scess, with the finger in the rectum, enabled the author to ascertain that there had been between the two cavi- ties a tissue at least two centimetres thick. The abscess was drained and washed \vith corrosive sublimate. Recovery took place in sixty days. Zetia Coupon Two enemata, each consisting of nearly eight ounces of Van Swieten's liquor, were administered every day. After a week of this treatment the oxyures in the rectum seemed to have Zetia Price disappeared; but an examination with the speculum revealed still a few in the intestine. Fresh enemata of corrosive sublimate caused their dis- appearance five days afterward. The patient, according to his own account and that of his mother, had been tormented for several months with nocturnal itching occasioned by Zetia Prices the parasites. He had given the worms to two of his brothers and to his mother; a child of two years old only had escaped. When the patient was discharged he was again ex- amined with the aid of the speculum. The haamor- rhagic points had disappeared and the small ulcerations had filled up. Three days after he left, What Is Zetia a patient in the same ward, who had been operated upon for tumor of the rectum, presented several oxyures in the wound. He stated that the boy, during his stay in the hospital, had touched the wound several times Zetia Online and had helped in dressing it. The author's conclusions are as follows: 1. Oxyures may Cheap Zetia cause around the rectum and at a certain distance from the intestine abscesses in which Price Of Zetia they swarm in great quantities. Zetia Cheap 2. These abscesses may be produced by the penetration of the inflamed mucous membrane Zetia Coupons and the rectal walls of a female with eggs, which are laid in the cellular tissue, or else the eggs may be de- posited there in very large quantities by the lymphatics. The first hypothesis seems to the author to be the most

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