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examined and in it, apparently not much altered b}' its passage through the alimentary canal, was found a piece of lobster. This must have been in the canal Just a week, says the author. The patient gradually rallied during the night, the pulse and temperature becoming normal. During the week followino- there was extreme 782 MISCELLANY. [X. Y. Med. Jour., prostration, and there were from four to six liquid stools daily, containing much mucus but no blood. The urine was turbid during the three or four days following the crisis, but no blood or albumin was pres- ent. At the present time the patient is up and about. In reaching a diagnosis, continues Dr. Scliram, three diseases were considered — namely, inflammation of the Zaditor Eye Drops vermiform appendix, subacute gastro-intestinal Zaditor Coupons catarrh, and typhoid fever. The first, though strongly indicated by the emesis Zaditor Eye Drop and rapid pulse, was considered improbable, for the local manifestations were slight as compared with the subjective sjTnptoms. The patient being an adult, the sjoiiptoms seemed too grave to be .attributed to a simple gastro-intestinal catarrh. The history was rather short for typhoid fever; yet it was most favored in making a diagnosis. The positive re- action to the AVidal test seemed conclusive. The crisis, liowever, and the Eye Drops Zaditor subsequent course of the illness de- manded a radical change in conclusions. The author states that at one time he was forced to consider the possibility of an intestinal perforation following an appendicular inflammation, but he was glad to con- clude that such Cheap Zaditor could not have been Buy Cheap Zaditor the case, as, follow- ing the collapse, the patient's condition gradually im- jiroved. It seemed to him, therefore, that the illness was due to the ingestion of lobster, the toxines of which had been absorbed, and that the violent crisis was the result either of poisoning with naphthol or of the ab- sorption of a large quantity' of ptomaines at one time. The patient had received in all thirty-five grains of naphthol, four doses of which had been taken the pre- ceding day, and if she had been particularly suscep- tible to the drug the author thinks the symptoms of poisoning would have been manifested at that time. Larger doses, he remarks, have been administered over much longer periods without ill effect. It is, therefore, he thinks, safe to conclude that the amount of Zaditor Price the drug received by the patient was not the cause of the symptoms. Further, Zaditor Tablets the urine did Buy Zaditor Online not display evi- dences of naphthol poisoning. The supposition of pto- maine poisoning remains. To this, he says, the pa- tient, owing to her temporarily depressed condition of health, was peculiarly susceptible. Symptoms resem- bling those presented in this case have been observed, says Dr. Schram, in other instances subsequent to the ingestion of lobster. The severe chill and prostration were apparentlj' due to the overwhelming discharge of poison into the system. Dr. Schram is of the opinion that the reaction to the "Widal test lends additional confirmation to this diagnosis; as Aresdarnoro, quoted by Vaughan and Novy, in eleven cases of salmon and sturgeon poisoning, detected in the livers, spleens, and kidneys of the fish, and also Alaway Or Zaditor in the same organs of Buy Zaditor those who ate of them, bacilli resembling, but not identical with, typhoid bacilli. Did not, he asks, such bacilli give the typhoid reaction with Widal's test, and produce the ptomaines which, Order Zaditor apparently, poisoned his patient? The English-speaking Practitioner in Italy. — The Lancet for November 13th publishes the following in a letter from a correspondent in Eome: " At the last General Medical Congress held here it was moved and imanimously carried that foreign medical practition- ers professionally engaged in Italy should undergo Order Zaditor Online a State examination or qualify at one or the other of the Italian schools in order to legalize their practice. In conseqitence of this step a deputation of the English- speaking practitioners has just waited on Signer Serena, under secretary of state for the home department, Zaditor Coupon to protest against such action. His Excellency announced in reply that arrangements in the direction Zaditor Drops proposed by the Italian Medical Congress had not yet been taken, but that in any case, the government, before giving legal effect to the innovation contemplated by the con- gress, would put itself in diplomatic communication with the governments of the other powers (Great Brit- ain included), with a view to obtaining for Italian prac- titioners in Zaditor Cost those countries the same privileges enjoyed in Italy by foreigners. The matter will probably rest there. Generic Zaditor It is said that foreign Purchase Zaditor Online dentists, against whom the edict referred to in my last letter has now gone forth, Purchase Zaditor in the event of their being ' contumacious,' are to be denounced to the judiciary authority. This is a very hard measure for the practitioners of a sister profession and singularly ill-advised as regards the in- terests of Ital}' herself. The presence of an English-

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