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of course, especially to the requirements of French physicians, 'the work presents a thoroughly compre- hensive, cosmopolitan view of contemporary medicine. Its most notable feature is its modern, " up-to-date " character — if the phrase may be used here in a good sense. This is due not only to the free but judicious use of the results of the most recent investigations, but also to the way in which the great mass of older and approved knowledge has been reviewed in the light of the newer. It is naturally conspicuous in the consid- eration of Buy Vigora the aetiology of diseases of the alimentary canal, in which micro-organisms are so important a factor; it is no less so in the description of modern methods of diagnosis and in new classifications and treatment which are Vigora Price the rational sequence of more ac- curate knowledge of these subjects. In the discussion of treatment broad general directions are set forth, leaving to the practitioner their application to the par- ticular case. While the exclusion of the tedious and unnecessary details usually encountered under this title is an agreeable feature, it seems to us that an error is sometimes made in the omission of information which would have added to the practical value of the work. To cite an instance: Apropos of the treatment of gas- tritis, we read that among the therapeutic resources -at the disposal of the physician are "physical agencies: massage, confining (or supporting) apparatus, hydro- therapy or balneotherapy, electrization." There is no further reference to electricity, nothing in regard to its value, the methods of Vigora Oil its application, or the indications for its use. In vain, too, do we search for informa- tion regarding confining Vigora Tablets apparatus {appareils conten- tifs). As this is an exaggerated instance of omissions which after all are not frequent, it may be, perhaps, hypercritical to make Cheap Vigora the adverse criticism of a work which in other respects merits unstinted praise. The contributors to this volume are generally emi- nent in the special subjects of which they treat, and several of them enjoy a more than national reputation. The book may, therefore, be commended to the Ameri- can physician who wishes either to know the present doctrines of leading French authorities or, perchance, to hunt for information which possibly may have es- caped the attention of the writers of our own numer- ous " systems." The unusually clear and concise liter- ary style of most of the sections, notably those on dis- eases of the mouth aiul pharynx, will not detract from the pleasure of studying the volume. The sections on diseases of the mouth and pharynx are the joint contrilnitions of Professor Teissier and Professor Eoque. A new classification of " specific an- ginas" is noticeable; it includes two classes of bucco- pharyngeal diphtheria, the unibacillary toxic form and the polymicrobian infective form, and the classes of bucco-pharyngeal pseudo-diphtheria, streptococcic, Vigora 100 Tablets coc- cic, staphylococcic, pneumococcic, and the colon ba- cillary. Each of these forms is described separately. The suggestion that in every suspected case, in addition to making a culture, a fragment of the false membrane shoidd be stained with Roux's blue solution and im- mediately examined is of practical value. Most Ameri- can plij^sicians will read with more or less surprise that the course of acute catarrhal amygdalitis may be com- plicated in young adults by the occurrence of orchitis or oophoritis similar in nature to the same complica- tions in the course of mumps. L. Galliard furnishes the sections on diseases of the oesophagus and intestines. The latter contains excel- lent discussions of the bacteriology of acute and chronic enteritis and of intestinal occlusion and inflammation of the Generic Vigora vermiform appendix. We believe that most American surgeons would, Vigora 50 however, dissent from the statement that the author's unconditional condemna- tion of exploratory puncture as dangerous and useless in subacute appendicitis was opposed to the views of " the Americans." The recommendation to use ex- treme caution in the employment of morphine in any form of enteritis will be generally accepted. G. Hayem and G. Lion treat of diseases of the stom- ach. The large amount Vigora 100 of work which they have done in this direction qualifies tliem to write with authority, and, in view of the increasing interest in the chemistry Order Vigora of the stomach, this section is of unusual importance. The modern methods of Vigora Online physical and chemical exami- nation of the stomach, the chemistry of the normal gastric processes, the changes found in abnormal condi- tions, and their relations to pathological changes Vigora 5000 and to symptoms are concisely described. In the authors' opinion, the relations between chemical and pathologi- cal changes are so constant, unless they are disturbed by the superimposition of artificial inflammation caused by drugs, that the former are absolutely correlative with the latter. Their views on the treatment of gas- tritis are radical. The main indications for treatment are furnished by the data obtained by physical and chemical examination; modifications are suggested sec- ondarily by nervous Buy Vigora Online dyspeptic symptoms. Hygienic, physical, and operative procedures furnish the physi- cian's armamentarium. Special dietaries founded on chemical types, theoretically correct, are clinically im- practicable. All medicines, with the exception of inert powders and dialytic salts, are discarded. The chapter on intestinal parasites was written by A. Laboulbene; that on infantile dyspepsia and diar-

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