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Hyer. — In Meridian, Mississippi, on Thursday, Novem- ber 18th, Dr. W^ilbur F. Hyer. OTooLE. — In San Francisco, on Sunday, November 21st, Dr. Michael C. O'Toole, in the sixty sixth year of his age. 'gtitns to tin €iiitor. THE INSERTION OF AN ARTIFICIAL GLOBE IN TENON'S CAPSULE. Memphis, November J^, 1S97. To the Editor of the New Yorh Medical Journal: Sir: In regard to Dr. H. McI. Morton's article in the Journal for October 30th, entitled The Insertion of an Artificial Globe in Tenon's Capsule, etc., Vibramycin Antibiotics I beg to quote the following from Mr. Adams Frost {Ophthalmic Surgery, Carter and Frost; Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co., pp. 387 Vibramycin Suspension and 388): "To retain the advantages of Mules's operation without Order Vibramycin Online this disadvantage, the writer lately adopted the plan of enucleating the eye and then placing Vibramycin For Acne a glass sphere in Tenon's capsule, which with the muscles and conjunctiva are united over it." In this much of the procedure Dr. Morton has been Vibramycin Cost anticipated. There remains to him, however, his very ingenious method of preserving the function of the recti muscles. E. C. Ellett, M. D. ACUTE BRIGHT'S DISEASE OR CARBOLIC-ACID POISONINGS East Rochestek, X. H., November 10, 1S97. To the Editor of the New York Medical Journal: Sir: Vibramycin Doxycycline Hyclate In the Journal for October 16th I noticed an article by Dr. Silverman describing a case of acute Bright's disease, the patient being a Generic Vibramycin brother physician. He writes of the case Vibramycin 50mg as being peculiar and says Vibramycin Tablets that he has never seen or read of one like it. Now it seems to me from his description that he treated sim- ply a case of carbolic-acid poisoning, the prominent symptoms being heart failure and nephritis. Vibramycin Indications The physician first called injected pure carbolic acid into some external piles, which to my mind is al- ways a dangerous procedure, as there are recorded cases ■where six drops used in this way have produced dan- gerous symptoms, and a teaspoonful Vibramycin Acne a fatal result. The doctor writes that there was " much sloughing," so I conclude that the amount of carbolic acid used was Buy Cheap Vibramycin not small. Now, after this we hear that five grains of salol were ordered to be given every two hours. This in Vibramycin Syrup twenty-four hours would cause this man to Vibramycin Antibiotic take twenty-four grains of carbolic acid, which, in addition to that injected, would surely approach a lethal dose. The symptoms recorded are almost typical, the weakened heart action with subsequent nephritis and suppression of urine and the eruption described as re- Dec. 4, 1897.J BOOK NOTICES. 177 sembling urticaria, which Vibramycin Hyclate probably was urticaria pro- duced by the general systemic disturbance. T. W. Luce, M. D. !il'i00k llfltitCS. Traite de medecine et de therapeutique. Publie sous la direction de MM. P. Brouardel, Doyen de la Faculte de medecine de Paris, etc., et Order Vibramycin A. Gilbert, Professeur agrege a la Faculte de medecine de Paris, etc. Tome quatrieme. Maladies du tube digestif; maladies du peritoine. Par MM. Teissier, Roqde, Galliard, Hatem, Lion, Laboulbene, Hutinel, Thiercelin, Dupre. Paris: J.-B. Bailliere et fils, Vibramycin Mg 1897. Pp. 883. [Prix, 12 francs.] Tins work. Purchase Vibramycin Online Buy Vibramycin Online Judging from the volumes which have come under our observation (the first, already noticed in this journal, and the present one), ranks with the best of the systems which have recently appeared. Al- though written by French authors entirely and adapted,

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