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Resolved, That we desire to bear. testimony to the ster- ling: integrity of his cliaraoter. to his jjenial, social qualities, and to his devotion to the interests of this society which he has so 500 Mg Valtrex long faithfully and etKcieutly served in the capacity of secretary. Resolred. That a copy of these resolutions be transmit- ted to the medical journals of this Valtrex To Buy city and an engrossed copy be sent to the family of our deceased associate. JoHX S. How To Order Valtrex Warren. M. D.. In, , •<* William E. Bullard. M. D.. i Committee. [Signed.] Marine-Hospital Service Health Valtrex Purchase Reports.— The rollow- Valtrex Mg ing statistics concerning' small-pox. yellow fever, cholera, and plague were received Valtrex Buy in the office of the supervisincf surgeon general during the week ending November 27. 1897: Yellow Order Valtrex Fev0-22 4 " TeVow Fever — Foreign Para, Brazil Oct. 16-30 Havana, Cuba Nov 11-18 Matanzas. Cuba Nov. 3-10 Regla, Cuba .Nov. 11-18 Sagua la Grande, Cuba Oct. 31-Nov. 6 45 cases, Buiaf Bay, Jamaica July Valtrex On Line 3ii-0ct. 30 1 case, Kingston, Valtrex Order Jamaica July 30-Oct 30 63 cases, Man"cbester, Jamaica July 30-Oct. 30 12 " Port Antonio, Jamaica July 30-Oct. 30 4 " St. Elizabeth, Jamaica July 30-Oct. 30 ... . 1 case, Cholera. Bombay, India Sept. .'5-26 Calcutta, India Sept. 2.5-Oct. IB. Madras, India Oct. 9-22 Plaffue. Bombay, India Oct. 5-26. . . Madras, India Oct. 9-13.. . Small-pox — United Statet. Birmingham, Ala Nov. 6-21 12 cases, Atlanta, Ga To Nov. 17 Purchase Valtrex 73 •' Sm allp"Z — Foreign. Prague, Bohemia Oct. 2.3-30 1 case. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Oct. 9-23 12 cases, Valtrex Online Havana, Cuba Cheap Valtrex Nov. 11-18 Sagua la Grande, Cuba Oct. Valtrex Buy Online 31-Nov. 6 41 " Bristol, England Oct. 23-30 1 Valtrex 500mg case. Gibraltar Oct. 24-31 1 ■' Madras, India Oct. 9-22 Aichi Ken, Japan Oct. 1 1-28 3 cases, Get Valtrex Fukui Ken. Japan Oct. U-28 lease. Kanagawa Ken, Japan Valacyclovir Valtrex Oct. 11-28 1 " The Hokkaida, Japan Oct. Buy Valtrex 11-28 23 cases, Tokyo Fu, Japan Oct. 11-28 1 case. Moscow, Russia Oct. 9-16 Buying Valtrex 2 Online Valtrex cases.

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