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At the recent French Congress of Urology M. Legueu, a hospital surgeon, supplemented M. Guyon's statements concerning the diagnostic Trileptal Generic Name importance of the Tegretol Vs Trileptal varicocele that may accompany tumors of the kidney by pointing out its prognostic value also. A condensa- tion of M. Legueu's remarks appears in the Journal des praticiens for November 13th. He said that two years before he had come to the conclusion from clini- cal observation and from investigations in pathological anatomy that the varicocele in such cases was due, not to compression of the spermatic vein by the tumor itself, but to compression of the vein by degenerated ganglia; and he had recently had an opportunity of confirming this conclusion in the case of a patient who had presented himself with Trileptal 150 Mg these three principal symp- toms: hsematuria, varicocele, and Order Trileptal Online a tumor in the left lumbar region. M. Legueu made a diagnosis Trileptal Coupon of can- cer of the left kidney of large size, and did an explora- tory laparotomy for the purpose of obtaining more in- formation as to the size of the tumor and as to its connections. In Buy Cheap Trileptal the course of the operation he recog- nized that the spleen alone was enlarged, and that the kidney presented no degeneration. The patient died two days later. At the post-mortem examination M. Legueu found a cancerous nodule in the left Iddney and enormous masses of ganglia lying along the verte- Trileptal 60 Mg bral column and compressing the spermatic vein. Order Trileptal This case, said M. Legueu, showed well that there was no connection between the size of the tumor and the production of varicocele; the latter was only the external manifestation of the secondary adenopathy. If, he continued, a varicocele appeared, whether early or late, in a case of cancer of the kidney, the inference might be drawn that Trileptal Tablets the disease had already extended to the Ij-mphatic glands. Such a conclusion, of course, would weaken any hopes that one might feel warranted in entertaining in cases of small tumors, limited nod- ules, previously considered as being curable by ne- phrectomy. If there was a varicocele, either no opera- Buy Trileptal Online tion should be undertaken or the operator should fol- low up the ganglionic masses and remove them. MINOR PARAGRAPHS. IKSHURGANDA, AN EAST INDIAN REMEDY FOR VARIOUS GENITO-URINARY DISEASES. In the MonatsbericUe iiher die GesammtUistungen auf dem Trileptal 150 Gebiele der Krankheilen des Earn- und Sexual- Apparates, ii, No. 10, we find an abstract of an article by Gangadin, of London, credited to the Medical Times and to Vrafch. 1897, No. 26. According to the author, who is himself of Indian origin, the medicinal virtues Trileptal 135 Mg of ikshurganda have been known to the physicians of India from time immemorial, but do not seem to be at all known in other Trileptal Acne countries. These Cheap Trileptal %'irtues reside in the whole plant, but chiefly in the Cost Of Trileptal fruit. It is regarded, as diuretic and as strengthening the sexual power, also as efficacious in strangury, renal lithiasis, and other urinary affections, and in spermatorrhoea. Gangadin states "that he has used it Trileptal Vs Tegretol with excellent results in spermatorrhoea and in certain forms of impotence in men. In spermatorrhoea, he says, it is particularly indi- cated in cases in which the trouble is due to unnatural thinness of the seminal fluid, to excesses in venery, to irritation or chronic inflammation of the prostate or the MINOR PARA GRAPHS.— ITEMS. [N. Y. Med. Jouk., seminal vesicles, or, finally, to masturbation. In impo- tence, it is especially recommended in cases induced by masturbation and accompanied by spermatorrhosa, but without as yet Trileptal 450 Mg any affection of the general nervous system; in temporary impotence due to sexual excesses; in impotence due to the fact that the testicles secrete a thin, watery semen [a new point in the aetiology of impotence, we imagine] ; and in eases in which the impotence is accompanied by urinary disturbances, such as painful urination, insufficient capacity of the bladder, too long retention of urine, etc. As a matter of course, the remedy is more efficacious in cases of incomplete impotence than in those in which sexual power is en- tirely lost and erections no longer occur. It is given in the Purchase Trileptal Online form of an infusion, in doses of from five to twenty drops. The abstract contains nothing about the botany of ikshurganda. SPASM OP THE Trileptal Cost PYLORUS. DoTEN- (Medecine moderne, 1897, No. 43; Central- Matt fiir Chiriirgie, October 30, 1897) states that he has made a systematic study of contracture of the pylorus since the year 1898. He has performed nearly a hun- dred operations on the stomach, and sixty-one of them were not for cancer. In forty-six of these there was

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