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iodide of potassium the patient steadily improved, and in a few weeks buy trazodone sleep had entirely recovered. Up to the pres- ent time he has remained perfectly well. buy trazodone of Professor C. Hess. The new preparation is the hydro- chloric-acid salt of a mandelic derivative of methylimyl- diacetonealkamine. buy trazodone hcl It is closely related to the new an- aesthetic eucaine, bearing the same relation to it chemi- cally as homatropine bears to tropacocaine. Careful comparative experiments with the new myd- riatic have enabled Dr. Trentler to generic trazodone online come to the follow- ing conclusions: 1. The instillation of euphthalmine solutions into the eye causes only very slight and temporary buy trazodone hydrochloride incon- venience. 2. Euphthalmine is a powerful mydriatic. A five- to ten-per-cent. solution produces the maximum expan- sion of the pupil in about the same time as a one-per- cent, buy trazodone 50 mg homatropine solution. 3. generic trazodone 50 mg The mydriatic action is less intense and prompt with adults than with young people. 4. As a mydriatic euphthalmine has the advantages over cocaine tlaat it is more powerful in action and does not damage the corneal epithelium; on the other hand, mydriasis is slower in development. 5. Euphthalmine affects the accommodation less than homatropine does. 6. The disappearance both of mydriasis and of the paresis of the accommodation takes place much more quickly than after the emplojTnent of homatropine. 7. No unpleasant effects upon the organism have thus far been observed. The new preparation has, therefore, several impor- tant advantages over other mydriatics of brief activity, so that it invites extended employment in ophthalmo- logical practice. Amylene Hydrate in the Treatment of Diabetes Insipidus. — H. Brackmann [Therapeutische Monatshefte, December, 1S9G; Centralblatt fiir innere Medicin, No- vember C, 1897) relates the case of an insane person the daily amount of whose urine was cheap trazodone no prescription reduced to a quar- ter of what it had been by the use of from fifteen to twenty-two grains of amylene hydrate. On his contin- uing the use of the drug, however, the amount of urine rose again how much does trazodone cost to about three quarters of the initial quantity. The Treatment of Carbuncles with Paquelin's Cau- tery. — Moty {Abeille medicak, April 14th; Nard medi- cal, November 1st) reports a case of anthrax affecting the lower lip, with secondary foci on the breast, the forearm, and the shoulder, treated by puncture with Paquelin's cautery at each suppurating orifice and sub- sequent dressing with carbolic acid. In some of the smaller foci the disease was checked at once by the puncture, and no more pus was formed. As for the deep-seated ones, the author remarks that the patient's sensations are the best guide to their situation, for at first they do not betray themselves by physical signs; yet it is of importance to treat them promptly, whether pus has formed trazodone cost without insurance or not. The part maj' be cocainized before the cautery is applied. Formaldehyde in generic trazodone cost the Treatment of Bums. — The Journal de mcdecine de Paris for November 7th at- tributes to the Pharmacevtisclie Post the statement that formaldehyde gives excellent results in the treatment of burns. ' Compresses soaked in a ten-per-cent. solution are applied. It is said that in twenty minutes all the pain ceases, and that continued renewals of the generic trazodone hcl appli- cation cause all traces of the burn to disappear, so that not the slightest redness of the skin is left. We take buy trazodone online no prescription it that the author of these statements had in mind burns of buy trazodone generic only moderate severity. Ichthyol in the Treatment of Small-pox. — buy trazodone uk Cassenko {Vrafch, 1897, No. how much do trazodone cost 13; British Medical Journal, June 26, 1897 ; Therapentic Gazette, November, 1897) recom- mends ichthyol as a local application in variola. He has employed buy trazodone online uk it in ten cases (six hospital and four private). Eight patients recovered and two cheap trazodone died ; the latter were hopeless when first seen. Two of those who recovered had been the subjects of advanced chronic disease previous to the attack. The remedy was used as an ointment made trazodone discount coupon as follows : IJ Ichthvol 10 parts ;

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