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Numerous investigations have been made with brain, spleen, thyreoid, thymus, etc., nucleins, and in the ma- jority of these it has been stated that a leucocjrtosis is usually produced by the administration stromectol for lice of these sub- stances. A survey of the records of these investigations leads me to the opinion that they are worthless so far as any exact knowledge of the condition of the leucocytes is concerned. Any conclusion stromectol 3 mg based upon one estima- tion of the leucocytes daily is liable to complete error. That the daily variation of the number of leucocj^tes in the blood of normal persons is very great is a well- known fact to any one who has made many blood counts. To count the leucocytes in a patient on one day and find the number to be five thoiisand, and to find the count a week later to be eleven thousand, does not at all indicate the existence of a leucocytosis in that individual. The patient's daily range of leueoeytes must be known before any conclusions can be drawn as to ivermectin stromectol abnormities in his count. I have found that scabies stromectol the nor- * Uhiversify Med. Mag., October, 1894. Dec. 4, 1897.1 WARTUIS: EFFEVTi> OF YEAST SUCLEIN OX LEUCOCYTES. 7G3 mal individual variations are very great. One subject may have a daily range of five thousand to eight tliou- sand, and never go below or above these limits; another's range may be eight thousand to fourteen thousand; an- other's six thousand to fifteen thousand; yet all of these subjects may be apparently of equal health and practical- ly under the same environment. Especially does the oc- currence of leucocytosis stromectol online after meals differ cheap stromectol with stromectol purchase the stromectol canada in- dividual; some never have any increase at this time, in others it may be more than double the lowest count made during the day. Therefore, I repeat that conclu- sions which order stromectol online are not order stromectol based upon the individual's leuco- cyte range rather than upon isolated counts may be very misleading, and for this reason much of the work that has been done in this line is wholly iTnsatisfactory. These investigations were begun with three points in view: The determination of the effect of nuclein taken into the body by injection or by the mouth upon the number of the leucocrtes; the changes in the wiiite cor- puscles, and the relation of the amount of uric acid ex- creted to the nuclein injection and to the number of leucocytes. I soon found that the mere act of blood counting so frequently repeated took up all of the time that I could give to the work, and I was on stromectol for scabies that account forced to abandon the iiric-acid estimations and con- fine myself to the first two questions. It was thought best to make these experiments upon man rather than upon animals, and the experimental nature of the treatment was made clear to the normal individuals and to the hospital stromectol price patients who consented to be made the subjects of the investigation. These in- dividuals with the exception of two out-patients were placed under practically the buy cheap ivermectin same conditions of environ- ment and nutrition. All other drugs were withheld during the period of observation. The patient's leuco- cyte range was first obtained by systematic counts made for several days (three generic stromectol to seven) before beginning the administration of the nuclein. These counts were made in definite time-relation to the taking of food, so that the counts would include the lowest and highest lim- its of the range. In the majority of the cases this was four times daily — an hour and a half after breakfast, just before dinner, an hour and a half after dinner, and just before supper; but in many of the cases the counts were made hourly from 8 a. m. to 7 v. m., the approxi- mate hoiir being given. The counts were made with the Thoma-Zeiss coun- ter, using both the red-corpuscle pipette and the one for the leueoc^'tes. Toison's stromectol uk fluid was used as a diluent for the red-corpuscle buy stromectol online pipette, and a one-third-per-cent. solution of acetic acid used in the white-corpuscle pipette. Four entire fields were counted from each pipette. If the counts from the two drops did not vary greatly, an average was made of the two results; if there was any great discrepancy the count was repeated. The liabilit}' to error was therefore much lessoneil. stromectol buy Wlien several patients were counted on the samf day the blood was taken as nearly as buy ivermectin possible at the same lime and the approximate time given. The specimens for buy cheap stromectol microscopic examination were prepared by spreading the covers, drying in the air, and hardening in equal parts of ether and absolute alcohol. They were then stained with eosin and hematoxylin. The diS'erential count was then made by counting a thousand leucocytes, and from this count the numeri- cal proijortion of the various forms was estimated.

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