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periment with the watch, when the bell is placed di- rectly opposite the vibrating body and separated from it by good conducting material, the vibrations are still transmitted to the surface inclosed by the Slimfast Price bell, irrespec- tive of pressure. The wooden stethoscope transmits sound chiefly by conduction through its solid part, directly from its applied rim, and increase of pressure only improves this conduction by making the contact better. The same statement holds good in the use of such instruments as are made to transmit sound through any solid medi- um applied to the vibrating surface. It might be sup- posed that compression of the bell Slimfast Tablets of the stethoscope it- self was an important factor in the modification of sound transmission by pressure. That this is not true is shown by the following experiment: Place the chest-end of a wooden stethoscope against the side of a box within which a watch is ticking; to the free end of the wooden stethoscope apply the bell of the flexible instrument; the sound of the watch is now distinctly heard through the binaural implement; increase the pressure between the wooden and the flexible stethoscopes while keep- ing uniform the contact between the former and the box wall; the intensity of the watch tick will be rather increased by improvement in the contact of the con- ducting surfaces. When, however, the wooden stetho- scope is pressed more firmly upon the wall of the Order Slimfast Online box the intensity of the sound diminishes, because the air cylinder of the wooden instrument no longer re- ceives vibrations from the surface upon which it rests. That it is the dampening of the Slimfast Shaker vibrations of the sur- face included within the bell of Slimfast Cheap the stethoscope that causes the diminution Slimfast 123 Plan of sound with pressure is also shown by the fact that when the bell, lightly applied to a vibrating surface, is surrounded by a wooden ring separated from its rim by a narrow space, pressure upon the circumscribing ring causes diminution in sound similar, if less marked, to that which follows the appli- cation of pressure directly to the bell of the stethoscope. It is worth recording that the effects upon sound transmission of pressure with the flexible stethoscope are quite reversed when certain air-holding bodies in- tervene directly between the bell of the instrument and the sound-producing medium. Slimfast Cost Thus, when a ticking watch is covered by a feather pillow or by a thick layer 760 8EWALL: STETTIOSCOPIC PRESSURE IN HEART EXAMINATION. [N. Y. Med. Jouk., of felt, it is foimd that the sound of the watch is trans- mitted more plainly the firmer the stethoscope is pressed Slimfast Australia upon those media. This result depends upon the fact that vibrations are taken up and transmitted by homogeneous sub- stances more readily than by those whose structure varies in density in different parts. The density and ho- mogeneity of the felt or the feathers are increased by compression. This important principle is employed in deadening walls and floors in house construction. The fact has its clinical apijlication also; for example, the soimd of the foetal heart is heard loudest, as a rule, not by light, but by deep pressure of the stethoscope upon the abdominal wall. The explanation of this clinical fact probably also depends upon the vibrating peculiarities of membranes as discussed below. An interesting variation of the foregoing experi- ments is made in the following way: An ordinary rub- ber hot-water bag is tilled nearly full of water and sxis- pended from a horizontal rod. A ticking timepiece, such as a small clock, is fastened to the same rod so as to press upon one side of Buy Cheap Slimfast the water bag. When the bell of the flexible stethoscope is placed upon the Slimfast 123 opposite surface of the water bag the ticking of the timepiece is heard transmitted through the fluid. In this Slimfast Snack Bars case deep pressure with the stethoscope, far Purchase Slimfast Online from diminish- Order Slimfast ing the sound, causes it to increase in loudness in a degree proportional to the depth of pressure. The rea- son for the magnified intensity of the sound Slimfast Canada with deeper pressure evidently is that the stethoscope bell is thus brought nearer to the source of sound. Wheii the clock and water bag are suspended from the same rod without being in contact with one another, the sound of the ticking is conducted throughout the bag. Wlien the bell of the Slimfast Meals flexible stethoscope is ap- plied to the side of the bag under these conditions no amount of pressure makes a difference in the inten- sity of the sound Buy Slimfast Online as heard through the instrument. Practically the same result is obtained when the rubber water bag Cheap Slimfast Products is empty or is distended with air. We thus find that when the bell of the flexible stethoscope is applied to a vibrating membrane, increase of pressure does not diminish the intensity of Purchase Slimfast the sound, while, when the bell is pressed in the same way upon a vibrat- ing solid body, the soimd is diminished in a marked de- gree. The reason for the first result lies evidently in the peculiar elastic properties of membranes which, as pointed out by Helmholtz, have many proper tones in- harmonic with the fundamental tone, and are readily thrown into vibration by The Slimfast Diet notes of widely different pitch. This whole subject is one that deserves careful investi- gation at the hands of one trained in the physics of

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