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Per cent. 1-0 0-5 0-5 10-20 7-0 3-0 4-1 30-30 , 30-40 Per ceot. 10-0 16-0 7-1 Per cent. 18-0 16-0 16-4 40-50 Per cent. 25-0 24-0 24-9 50-60 Per cent. 26-0 Risperdal Tablets 30-0 Purchase Risperdal Online 30-7 60-70 Cheap Risperdal Per cent. 11-0 10;0 13-3 70-80 2-49 A glance at the tables will show Generic Risperdal that the'largest per- centage of our cases, 28.9 per cent., occurred between the ages of fifty and sixty. This agrees closely with the percentages Purchase Risperdal of Frerichs, Seegen, and Pavy, all of whom found Buy Risperdal Online the largest number of their cases in the tifth decade, their Risperidone 1 percentage being 26, 30, Risperdal Mg and 30.7 re- spectively. The maximum mortality from diabetes, as might be expected, occurs a few years later than the maxi- mum of living cases. Schmidt and Pavy agree in find- ing the largest number of living persons Order Risperdal Online with dia- betes between the ages of forty and sixty, whereas the maximum mortality is from Buy Risperdal fifty-five to seventy-five years of age. This seems to accord with our Risperdal Cost clinical knowledge — namely, that elderly diabetics live a con- siderable time. Diabetes has been observed iii nursing infants, but Risperdal Price such cases are rare. Order Risperdal 1 Mg Risperidone TMien the disease occurs in children What Is Risperidone it is often the result of hereditary influences, as it is not uncommon to see several children of the same family affected. These cases generally run a very acute course and terminate fatally. AVlien it appears for the first time in the prime of life or in old Risperidone 1 Mg age, it Buy Cheap Risperdal Risperidone Mg generally occurs in short persons in whom obes- Risperdal Online ity has existed for ten or twenty years. In such cases

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