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THE FEEQUENCY Price Of Renova AND AETIOLOGY OF DIABETES MELLITUS, WITH CLINICAL AND PATHOLOGICAL NOTES.* By THOMAS B. FUTOHER, M. B., ASSOCIATE IN MEDICINE IN THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY AND PHYSICIAN IN CHARGE OF THE CLINICAL LABORATORY, JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL. Lecture Cost Of Renova 11. At Professor Osier's request I have analyzed the cases of diabetes treated in the medical wards Requip Mg and in the medical section of the dispensary of the Johns Hop- kins Hospital since its opening in May, 1889. Accept- ing the definition of von Noorden, that, to constitute diabetes mellitus, the form of sugar eliminated in the urine must be grape Renova Prices sugar, that it must be eliminated for weeks, months, or years, and that the excretion of sugar must take place after the ingestion of moderate amounts Renova Online of carbohydrates, there have been in all sixty- nine such cases treated in the medical wards and medical section of the dispensary since May, 1889, a period of just eight years. Of these sixty-nine cases thirty-nine were admitted to the medical wards, the remaining thirty having been treated in the dispensary. During these eight years 45,636 medical cases have been treat- ed in the wards and Renova Coupon out-patient department, so that the diabetes cases comprise only 0.15 per cent, of all the medical cases. These figures show that diabetes consti- Renova Price tuted only a very small percentage of the diseases of a large number of those who applied for medical treat- ment. Having obtained permission to do so, I endeav- ored to ascertain the number of patients, suffering from diabetes as a complication, that had been admitted Purchase Requip to the other departments of the hospital. Unfortunately, I was not able to obtain the desired information without en- tailing an enormous amount of tedious work, as Renova Cost the dia- betic cases had not yet been classified separately in cross- cataloguing the diseases in these departments. The number of persons with diabetes admitted to the other departments of the hospital is, to be sure, comparatively Buy Renova small, and a certain Buy Requip Online percentage of these are included under our sixty-nine cases, as they are often trans- ferred to the medical side either before or after the dis- ease for which they have been admitted has been treat- ed. In order to determine the proper percentage the diabetic cases constitute of the total eases treated in the hospital and dispensary, the number of these addi- tional cases should be known. They are so few, how- ever, that the percentage would not be materially influ- enced. Up to the present date 150,745 patients have been treated in all the departments of the hospital. We may then take it for granted that the sixty-nine cases comprise nearly all the eases of diabetes in these 150,745, or 0.04 per cent, of all the cases treated in the wards and dispensary. Diabetes is much less prevalent in the United States than in European countries. According to the statis- tics of Saundby,* Buy Requip the mortality in the United States in 1870 was 837, or 2.1 to the 100,000 population; in 1880 1,443, or 3.8 to the 100,000 population. The popula- tion of the United States for 1890 was 62,622,250. The total number of Renova Cream deaths was 875,521, of which 2,407 were from diabetes, showing a death-rate of 3.8 to the 100,000. These statistics show that diabetes in this country is gradually on the increase. In Europe, on the other hand, the mortality ranges between five and nine to the 100,000. The Order Renova census of 1891 gave 13.1 to the 100,000 population as the mortality from diabetes in the island of Malta, where the death-rate is extraordi- narily high. In some of the larger European cities — Paris, for example — the death-rate has been gradually in- creasing during the last three or four decades, reaching fourteen to the 100,000 population in 1891. The death- rate from diabetes appears to be gradually increasing from year to year throughout the world, f The disease seems very prevalent in India, chiefly among the edu- cated and learned classes. The Chinese are compara- tively exempt. It is believed to be exceptionally rare among the African races. These statements show that there is a very unequal distribution of diabetes. Al- though there is a prevalent belief that persons living in the country are more exempt from diabetes than those living in cities, yet Saundby thinks that this apparent difference is possibly due to the fact that country sta- Buy Renova Online tistics are less reliable than those from cities, and gives figures which show that for many of Cheap Requip the counties of England, at least, this discrepancy does not exist. Some races seem especially prone to diabetes. He- brews are particularly susceptible, one fourth of Fre- richs's cases being in the Semitic race. Professor Osier tells me that he has been much impressed with the fre- quency of this disease among them. Of the last sixteen cases which he has seen in private practice eight were in Hebrews. It is rare in negroes, Order Requip and African and Mon- golian races enjoy considerable immunity in their own countries. The infrequency of the disease in the col- ored race is instanced by the statement of Renova Buy Tyson, quoted by Saundby, that he has never seen a case in a negro in Purchase Renova the United States, although he has heard of cases

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