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" A " the water supply is opened and the current al- lowed to pass through the filter into the upper tank, which may be filled up buy priligy online to ten gallons in about five min- utes. This amount of water is boiled by means of the ^as heater " B " in about thirty minutes. By turning the cock purchase priligy at " C," the boiled water is al- lowed to run into the lower tank, and the supply in the upper is then replenished by again opening the cock at " A." It is unnecessary to turn olf the heat when the boiled water is passed into the lower tank, as a sufficient quantity will be retained to protect the bottom. By turning the cock at " D " a current of cold water order priligy is allowed to circulate through a coil of pipe (Fig. 2) within the lower tank, by means of which the entire con- tents is cooled to the tempera- dapoxetine online ture of the running water in about ten minutes. The second supply of wa- ter, which has in the meantime been renewed, is then purchase priligy online boiled; hence ten gallons of hot and ten gallons of cold sterilized water are obtained in about sixty luinutes, and by mixing the dapoxetine india cold with the Ijoiled water it may be obtained at a tem- '"- _ ■' perature ready for immediate Fig. -i. use. This amount may be in- creased up to the full capacity of the apparatus, thirty-five gallons, by continuing to boil a fresh supply, and a larger amount by increasing the size of the tanks. The tanks are made of extra heavy copper, tin lined. The covers are made to fit closely to prevent the entrance of dttst, and when re- moved allow the tanks to be readily cleaned. The coil in the lower tank is of block tin; the in- terspaces are three inches. The dapoxetine buy filter is constructed of natural stone, and in this particular design may be cleaned as often as re- quired without uncoupling the plumbing. The wheel dapoxetine purchase at "E" (Fig. 1) revolves the stone "B" (Fig. 3) against the spring scraper " A " (Fig. 3), in which man- ner the sitrface of by turning on the opening the outlet filter is thoroughly fectly clean. The length of ratus is, of course, •water pressure and the stone is thoroughly cleaned, and water supply at "A" priligy tablets (Fig. 1) and at " F " (Fig. 1) the interior of the flushed and its surface rendered per- time required to operate this appa- varied according cheap priligy to the amount of the capacity buy priligy of the gas heater used. generic priligy i s t f U ;i n online priligy 1) A Form of Multiple Neuritis Prevalent in the West Indies. — In the Novumljor number of the Prac- liliiiiicr l)v. Henry Strachan describes in detail the most important symptoms of this disease, and discusses the probable origin buy cheap priligy of the poison which so severely attacks the peripheral nerves as follows: 1. The infi animation of the nerves of the extremities, with the trophic changes resulting. The first priligy price nerve attacked in the majority of cases is the ulnar. It becomes very tender on pressure, and may feel slightly enlarged at the elbow. The other main nerves in the extremities are attacked almost im- mediately after, and their terminal distribution (in the hand) can be mapped out by feeling (in the negro) the tiny herpetic vesicles which form and rarely coalesce into large bullas; they soon dry and are dapoxetine in india then, in the black skin, easily seen, as each becomes a centre for desquamation. This desquamation, which is fine and branny, involves the whole of the dapoxetine hydrochloride palm, which becomes more and more deeply pigmented as the disease pro- gresses. Should bullaj form and be neglected, small ulcers may result, but this is apparently rare. In the feet the thick epidermis of the soles of such patients as walk barefoot will come off in large flakes, and the soles also will become pigmented. Sensation is never completely abolished; it may be- come bkmted, and impulses may be delayed in transit and a very delicate touch not be felt, but this is in very order priligy online priligy cost

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