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1 death. 12 deaths. phenergan mg 1 death. 1 " 1 " 5 deaths. 2 " 1 death. Atlanta, Ga. Small-pox — United States. Nov. U-1 7 26 cases, 1 "death. ' The phenergan dm syrup American Association for the Study and Cure of Inebriety. — The twenty-seventh annual meeting will be held in Bo.sfou on Wednesday, December 8th, under the presidency of Dr. Mason, of phenergan iv Boston. phenergan codeine In addition to the president's address, the programme includes the following papers: The Prognosis of Inebriety, by Dr. J. M. French, of Milford, Massachusetts: The Alcoholic Que.stion in Medi- cine, by Dr. John F. Couch, phenergan codeine syrup of Somerville, Masiachusetls ; The Causation and Heredity in Inebriety, by Dr. Pool, of London, England; The Treatment phenergan with codeine of Inebriety by Baths, by Dr. C. cheap phenergan H. phenergan syrup Shepard, of Brooklyn; The Treatment of Delirium Tremens, by Dr. Y. A. Ellsworth, of Boston; Tbe Insanity of Inebriety, by Dr. T. D. Crothers. of Hart- ford, phenergan use Connecticut: The tlse of Alcohol in Practical Medi- cines, by Dr. I. N. Quimby, of Jersey City : Some New phenergan 25 Methods in the Treatment of Alcohol and Opium Addic- tion, by Dr. J. H. Kellogg, of purchase phenergan Battle Creek, Michigan ; and Some Recent Researches on phenergan and codeine the Action of Alcohol on Brain Cells, by Dr. Ira Van Gieson, of New York. The Buffalo Academy of Medicine.— At the last regular meeting of tbe Section in Obstetrics and Gynaecology on Tuesday evening, the 2.3d inst.. Dr. M. A. Crockett was to read a paper entitled The Diagnosis and Treatment of Car- cinoma of the Cervix, and Dr. Earl P. Lathrop and Dr. Siansin Fronczak were to report 'cases and present speci- mens. The Chicago Pathological Society.— The annual address before the society will be delivered on Friday evening, De- cember 3d. by Surgeon-General George M. Sternberg, of the army, on Yellow Fever, its .Etiology and Pathology. jj phenergan dm Changes of Address.— Dr. S. B.; Allen, to No. 5.5 Ease Eighty-sixth Street, New York; Dr. R. G. Eaton, to No. 264 Maple Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts; Dr. order phenergan Ralph Opdyke, to No. 63 West One Hundred and Seventeenth Street, New York ; Dr. H. A. Rogers, to No. 1443 Lexington Avenue. Army Intelligence.— O^em? List of Changes in the Stations and Duties of Officers serving in phenergan vc the Medical phenergan online Department, United States Army, from November H to November 20, 1S97 : Ebert. E. G., Captain and Assistant Surgeon, is phenergan cream granted leave of absence for one month. Johnson, Richard W., Captain and Assistant Surgeon, phenergan buy is relieved from duty at Fort Logan, Colorado, and ordered to Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming, for duty. MiDDLETON, J. V. D., Lieutenant Colonel aiid Deputy Sur- geon General, is granted one month's extension to pres- ent leave of absence. Waters, William E.. Lieutenant Colonel and Deputy Surgeon General. By direction of the President, his retirement from active service is announced. Woodruff. Charles E.. Captain and Assistant Stu-geon, will, upon the abandonment of Fort Custer, Montana, proceed to Jackson Barracks, Louisiana, and report for duty at that post to relieve Shannon, William C, Major and Surgeon. Naval Intelligence.— O^cia? List of Changes in the Medical Corps of the United States Navy for the Week ending November i20, 1S97 : Bailey, T. B., Passed Assi.stant Surgeon. Detached from the U. S. Steamer Yorktown and ordered home with two months' leave. Grove, W. B.. Assistant Surgeon. Detached from 25 mg phenergan the Naval Hospital, Mare Island, California, on reporting

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