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EBERTH'S BACILLUS IN UNUSUAL MEDIA. Remlingee and Schneider (Comptes rendus de la Societe de binlogie, 189G, No. 26; CmtralUatt fur innere Medicin, October 30, 1897) report that with the aid of Eisner's method they have succeeded in eight buy periactin out cyproheptadine hydrochloride of thirty-six examinations of water, in six out of ten ex- aminations of soil, and in three examinations of the fiEces of persons suffering respectively from periactin 4 mg tuberculous disease, malarial poisoning, and nephritis, but never having had typhoid fever, in isolating a bacillus having all the characteristics of the buy cyproheptadine typhoid-fever bacillus thus far known. THE QUESTION OP OB.TECTIVR SYMPTOMS OP THE SO-CALLED TRAUMATIC NEUROSE.S. Rosenthal (Monatsschrift fiir UnfallheiR-unde, 1897, No. 8; Centralhlalt fur Chirurgie, October 30, 1897) says that he has tested the periactin buy online existence of buy cyproheptadine online " periactin price trau- matic cardiac action" and "traumatic reaction" (the 742 MINOR PARAORAPHS.— ITEMS. [N. Y. Med. Joue., occurrence of fibrillary muscular contractions) in a great number of patients, and has found these symptoms so lacking in constancy that, in opposition to Eumpf, he feels constrained to deny their practical significance. order cyproheptadine Indeed, he thinks there are no objective symptoms char- acteristic of the traumatic neuroses. THE OCCASIONAL TOLERANCE OP INTESTINAL CONTENTS BY THE PERITONEUM. That the peritonffium occasionally tolerates the presence of material from the intestine — to the extent, at least, of not becoming the subject of rapidly fatal septic inflammation — seems to be shown by two cases reported by Askanazy {Archiv fiir pathologische Anato- mic uiid order periactin online Pliysiologie und fiir Minische Medicin, cxlvi; Wiener klinische Rundschau, October 31, 1897). One of them was that of a child, several weeks old, periactin uk that died with symptoms of chronic order periactin peritonitis. At the post- mortem examination it appeared probable that during the child's birth its intestine had been ruptured and allowed meconium to escape into the peritoneal cyproheptadine 4 mg cavity. Particles of meconium were foimd there completely cal- cified. The other case was that of a man, forty-eight years old, who had been kicked in the belly by a horse. The caecum was ruptured and two abscesses formed, one of which purchase periactin was situated beneath the diaphragm. Ab- saesses were formed in the liver also, and one of them buy cheap cyproheptadine perforated cyproheptadine 4mg the pleura. After death little fibrous cheap periactin masses, not calcified, were found scattered in the peritonjEum. Microscopical examination showed that they were for- eign-body granulomata that owed their buy cheap periactin origin to effused intestinal contents. ITEMS. Marine-Hospital Service Health Reports.— The follow- ing statistics eoiiceriuufr small-po.\ and yellow buy periactin uk fever were received in the office of the supervising surgeon general during the week ending November 20. 1897 : YeUomljFmm- — United States. i'lomaion, Ala periactin online Nov. 17 1 case. Mobile, Ala Nov. 13-19 1.3 cases, New Orleans, La Nov. U-19 49 " Biloxi, Miss Nov. 14-19 6 " Clinton," Miss Nov. 13-19 3 " Edwards, Miss Nov. 13-19 5 " Seranton, Miss Nov. 13-19 .11 " Yellow Fever — Foreign. Manzanillo, Cuba Oct. 17-31 Matanzas. Cuba Nov. 3-10 Port au Prince, Jamaica. . . .Nov. 10

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