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illumination may uphold it; without absolute proof of the presence of certain morbid processes, conclusions based upon its results should not be considered in- fallible. 914 Jefferson Street. ®^trap£utual |lotfs. Antipyi-ine in the Treatment of Dysentery. — In the Nouveau MontpeUier medical for October 16th M. Ar- din-Delteil relates a case of acute dysentery Nortriptyline 25 Mg in which rectal injections of seventy-five grains of Generic Nortriptyline antipyrine three times a day proved very serviceable. Europhene in the Treatment of Fissures of the Anus * — Henri Fournier is credited in the Juurnul de medecine de Paris for October ^ith with the following formula : 5 Europhene 3 grains ; Cacao butter 60 " M. One such suppository to be passed into the rec- tum every night and morning after emptjing it by means of an enema and bathing the region of the anus with a warm decoction of jnglaus (made with a handful of the leaves Nortriptyline 25mg and a quart of water). In addition, the anus should be sprinkled with equal parts of europhene and salol. Chromic Acid in the Treatment of Gonorrhoea! Cystitis and Urethritis. — Kobbe {Policliniqne, 1897, Xo. 13; Centralblatt fiir Gynakologie, November 6, 1897) recommends irrigation with a one-to-four thousand so- lution, and says that one of twice this strength may be used if no pain is complained of, Buy Nortriptyline Online but it sometimes gives rise to slight bleeding. Lithium lodate in the Uric-acid Diathesis and in Nortriptyline 10mg Nephritic Colic. — Ruhemann (cited in the Centralblatt far die gesammte Therajne for November) gives this formttla for subcutaneous use : IJ Lithium iodate 15 grains ; Distilled water 150 " M. A Pravaz syringeful to be injected once a day. The same author recommends the following formula for pills of lithium iodate : 5 Lithium iodate 2 drachms ; Mucilage of tragacanth a sufficiency. M. Divide into fifty pills. One to be taken three times a day. Benzene in the Treatment of Tinea Versicolor.— The Centralblatt far die gesammte Tlierapie for Noveinber Nortriptyline 25 cites the following {vom the Deutsche 7nedicinische WocTi- enschrift : U Benzene, ) Buy Nortriptyline gqual parts. Tmcture of lavender, \ M. S. : Apply on wads of cotton twice a day for three davs. 740 LEADING ARTICLES. [N. Y. Med. Nortriptyline Mg Jode., NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL, A Weekly Review of Medicine. Published by D. Appleton and Company. Edited by Frank P. Fostee, M. D. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1897. THE GENITAL MANIFESTATIONS OF MUMPS. There are some particulars regarding the Nortriptyline 10 Mg manifesta- Order Nortriptyline Online tions of mumps in the genitals about which authors are Cheap Nortriptyline

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