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biit Indocin Injection for the study of the Nissl bodies alone this portion of his method can Indocin Tablets be dispensed with.) The sections, after staining, are allowed to remain in the blue solution until it has cooled, and are then differentiated in a one tenth-of-one-per-cent. solution of alum for from a few seconds to a few minutes, according to the thickness of * Neurol. Cenfrafblafl, 1893, p. 808. f Ramon y Cajal, S. Estructura del protoplasma nervioso. Revisia triniestral mieroffrdfica, vol. i, Xo. 1, Mareh, 1896. X Hfld, H. Beitrage zur Structur der Nerrenzellen und ihrer Fort- satze. Arch. f. Anat. und Ph/moL. Anat. Alith., 1895, S. 396. the section. The specimens are then washed in water, dehydrated quickly in absolute Indocin Suppositories alcohol, cleared in xylol, and mounted in benzine-coloijhouium. Held used as a fixing agent sometimes ninety-six per cent, alcohol and sometimes picrosulphuric acid, as the Indocin 25 Mg latter shrinks the protoplasm less. In using this fixing agent, however, very small pieces must be employed, as it penetrates with difficulty. Another excellent modification of NissFs method is that of Mann, of Edinburgh.* Sections of sublimate tissues are stained with a concentrated aqueous solution Indocin Pda •of toluidin blue. They are then differentiated, and may be counter-stained if desired. {To he continiif-d.) ANOTHER CASE OF CONGENITAL HYPERTROPHY AND STENOSIS OF THE PYLORUS. By F. SCHWYZER, M. D. In the New York Medical Journal for November 21, 1896, I called attention to a case of congenital hy- pertrophy and stenosis of the pylorus. On the same day, by a strange Indocin Iv coincidence, I made an autopsy where similar s}Tnptoms had been present, and I now feel it my duty, in the interests of the diagnostic, to publish these additional details of a disease which until now seemed rare. Previous History. — Boy D., born October 2, 1896, second child of a healthy father and neurotic mother. Their Indocin Sr 75 first child died at the age Indocin Headache of Indocin Suppositories 100mg six months with dyspeptic or enteric symptoms. The boy was said to be normally developed at birth and weighed six pounds and a half. By order of the accoucheur, he was fed upon condensed milk and water. Movements were induced only by the aid of soap-and-water injections, and the faeces contained white particles of curdled milk and often Buy Indocin mucus. Still no physician was consulted until October 30th, when I was called, as upon that day Indocin For Pda the child vomited frequently. Status I. — I found a small, somewhat atrophic child. There was nothing apparently abnormal in the internal organs. The stomach was empty, the pylorus could not be felt. The movements contained whitish particles and mucus. Respiration and temperature Indocin Generic normal; pulse, 120. I considered the disturbance dys- peptic, and ordered Indocin And Ibuprofen barley water Indocin Suppository and sterilized milk. This could not be retained, however, even when greatly diluted. The Indocin 25mg result was the same with cream and water. Stomach washing brought up Order Indocin much mucus; the gastric juice contained some free hydrochloric acid and showed almost no starch reaction. The mother was so prejudiced Generic Indocin against stomach washing and sterilized milk (her first child had received this treatment) that I did Indocin Vs Ibuprofen not see the little patient again until November ISth. His parents meanwhile had given him diluted malted milk. The vomiting had ceased, the diuresis had increased, but there seemed to be less assimilation of food, as the child was more emaciated. The vomiting Indocin High had now begun again, and he cried after each feeding. * Mann, G. Jour, of Anatomy and Physiology, vol. xxix, 1894, p. lOU. Nov. 27, 18!)7.] SCHWYZER: CONOENITAL STENOSIS OF THE PYLORUS. 727 Status II. — A child in a very atrophic condition with a relatively large abdomen, stomach somewhat $lled, intestines emjity, liver small, spleen not discern- ible, no tnmor to be "felt in the region of the pylorus; movements induced only by injections, very sparse, bnt

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