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cells, but also, though in less degree, for the karyochrome and cytochrome cells. A curious price imitrex nasal spray and puzzling phenomenon is met with in the so-called chromophile * nerve cells (Fig. 55). One sees often, along with the other nerve cells, single cells or small groups of cells in which the stainable substance appears buy imitrex injection online to be evenly diffused throughout the cell body, so that it is impossible to distinguish a stainable from an unstainable constituent in the cell. The explanation of these forms is as yet not entirely satisfactory. Nissl points out that they are always price imitrex relatively smaller than pyknomorphous cells. It is nearly always possible to make imitrex available generic form out in alcohol preparations, as I have had many opportunities of observing, that at the periphery of the sections chromophile cells tend to be abundant, and there is no doubt, in my mind at least, that the majority of these correspond to the well-known artifacts which are so common in the periphery of tissues hardened in alco- hol. But the chromophile cells are not entirely con- fined to the periphery of the sections; they may occur singly or in little groups in almost any portion of the tissue; it has seemed to me, however, that even then they are more abundant in the neighborhood of the blood-ves- imitrex generic form sels or larger tissue interspaces, and it imitrex cost canada is not impossible that in these situations they may represent artifacts due * Ucber die Verschifdenlieiten im chemischen Verhalien der Ne.ivm- zellen. Mittheil. der Naturforsch. Gesellsch. in buy imitrex online canada Bern aus dem Jahre 1887 Nr. 1169-1194, S. 192-199. Bern, P. Haller, 1888. Fig. 56. — Group of nerve cell.-, from lateral horn of gray matter of cervical cord of dog. Stained by Held's moditication of Nissls method. In two of the cells the asones and axone hillocks are clearly shown. to the action of the alcohol. Nissl himself does not seem entirely clear as to their nature, but has recently ex- pressed himself as of the opinion that they are in large part due to the action of reagents employed, although he does not deny that under certain circumstances they * The word chromophile is here buy imitrex nasal spray online used in the sense in which Nissl employ? the term CA)-onio/)/i(7/f (Nissl, Aligem. Ztxch. f. Psych., 1896> Bd. lii, S. 8). Whether or not this is the sense in which the word is employed by Flesch and his pupil.-^ is not clear. Nov. -27, 1897.] BARKER: AXATOilY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF NERVOUS SYSTEM. 725 may have a pathological significance. For the present, however, inasmuch as they vary so markedly in appear- ance and localization that no normal can be established for them, he suggests that in the study imitrex cost us of pathological alterations only those observations are of value buy cheap imitrex online which we know for certain have been made upon cells which are not price imitrex without insurance chromophile cells. A further study of these appear- ances is urgently needed, and it is to be hoped that ere long we shall have a clearer conception regarding their significance. In Figs. 56, 57, and 58 are shown a number of nerve cells from the spinal cord and ganglia of retail price imitrex the dorsal roots Flu. 57.— Motor nerve cell from the ventral horn of the gray matter of the ijpinal cord of the dog. Stained by HeldV modification of Xiesl'y method. The Nissl bodies are distinctly visible in the protoplasm of the cell body, and especially in the dendrites. The asone is not shown. The borders of imitrex generic no prescription the nucleus are indistinct, owing to overlying cytoplasm, but the single, deeply stained nncleolue is very evident. of the buy imitrex online uk spinal nerves of a dog. The excellent photographs which imitrex cost per pill Dr. A. G. Hoen has is there a generic form of imitrex kindly made for me show verj' well the appearances to be made out under relatively low powers. These reproductions made from unretouched photographs have at least the merit of representing accu- rately what can be seen in a single optical best price imitrex section. In medicine, as in theology and philosophy, the sub- jects which are most interesting and most discussed are those about which we know least, and it is not surpris- ing, therefore, considering the scantiness of our knowl- edge, that the nature of these stainable portions of the substance of which the cell body is made up should have been the subject of much polemical writing. Indeed, be- tween Nissl on the one hand and Eosin and Benda on the imitrex generic release date other (the two latter not being, however, entirely in how much does imitrex cost agreement), a battle royal has been carried on in a series of articles in which too often personalities, tire- some to read and unworthy of the disputants, have been permitted to enter. Nissl has taken the ground that for the present, at least, we have no right whatever to

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