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ture are situated through- out the animal series al- ways in homologous locali- ties. Benda has vigorous- ly opposed this view, but his arguments have, 1 think, been satisfactorily answered. Any one who will take the trouble to stain nerve cells in differ- ent regions in different animals will be able to convince himself not only of the existence of definite types, but of their pre- dominance in certain lo- calities,, and I can give no better advice to the be- ginner and to the doubt- ing than that he study the regions suggested by Xissl Buy Imigran Online Order Imigran Imigran Tablets in this connection — namely, the ventral and dorsal horns of the cord, the ganglion cell groups in the thalamus of ro- dents, in the corpus ma- millare, in the pons, in the red nucleus, Generic Imigran and in the nucleus of Deitei-s. This elaborate nomenclature recommended by Nissl must not, however, be regarded as a permanent and satis- factory method of designating the , varieties Imigran Online of nerve cells. On the contrary, it must be looked upon only as a temporary expedient. If, as is to be suspected, too much stress has been laid by Nissl upon the importance of his " stainable substance," which we now have some reason to beheve represents only a portion of the supply of food stuffs in the nerve cell, such a classification can scarcely hope to stand the test of time. It would be as though an architect should attempt to classify houses according to their pantries and cellars, or an anthro- pologist to group men as types according to the con- tents of their stomachs and intestines — methods of cata- loguing useful enough at times, perhaps, but scarcely to be looked upon as ideal or permanent. Nissl early pointed out that the single types of nerve cells may under certain circumstances show different staining relations; * the individual members of a given * Allgem. Zlsch.f. Psych., Bd. I. Fi(i. 54. — Puricinje cell from the cere- l)eliar cortex of the rabbit. (After Nispl.) Somatochrome nerve cell of the arkyostichochrome variety in the apyknomorphous Buy Imigran condition. Purchase Imigran Online m BARKER: ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOOY OF NERVOUS SYSTEM. [N. Y. Med. Joitr., group of cells belonging to one type may be Imigran Mg palely, moderately, or intensely stained. These differences ap- pear to depend upon the concentration of the stainable substance in Imigran Price the cell body. Nissl consequently desig- nates the extremely darkly stained cells as pykiiomorphous cells, or cells in which the stainable portions are arranged relatively closest (ttdki-J?), while the very feebly stained cells he names apyhiomoi-phous — that Buy Cheap Imigran is, cells in which it is characteristic of the staining that the stainable masses are not arranged close to one another, but are tolerably widely separated by Purchase Imigran the non-stainable constitu- ents of the cell body. Intermediate stages Nissl groups as parapyl-nnmorphoiis. Flesch * described these appear- ances, speaking of chromophilic cells and chromophobic cells as well as Imigran Cost transition forms, and attributed the dif- ferences to variations in the internal chemistry of the Fig. 55 —Nerve cell from the spinal cord of the dog in the so-called "chromo- phile"' condition. This appearance is at least in the majority of instances an artifact due to the action of the reagents employed. The asone here, as in other nerve cells, appears to be free from the staiiiable substance. cells, which depended in part, he thought, upon differ- ences in the development, in part upon differences in metabolism or of function. His view has not met with general acceptance. Nissl goes further, and mentions that not infrequent- ly the nucleus shows modifications which correspond in greater or less degree to the intensity of staining of the cell body — for example, in the apyknomorphous cells the unstained nuclear juice is relatively more abundant than in the pyknomorphous examples, in which, as a rule, the nuclear framework and the stainable parts of the nucleus generally are relatively more abundant. This holds, he asserts, not only for Order Imigran Online the somatochrome

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