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By LEWELLYS F. BARKER, M. B., BALTrSIORE, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF ANATOMY IN THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY AND ASSISTANT RESIDENT PATHOLOGIST TO THE JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL. ( Continued from page SS2. ) To the second group (subdivided Buy Griseofulvin Online into two groups — cytochrome and caryochrome) belong those cells in which in Nissl preparations the nucleus is most in evidence; the nucleus has a clear contour, but only indications, as it were, of the cell body are present, an appearance Order Griseofulvin Online due €ither to scanty Purchase Griseofulvin Online development of the cell body or to the predominance in it of the unstainable substance. These cells Generic Griseofulvin often look as if they were naked nuclei, though by Golgi's method it can be shown that they may possess definite axones and dendrites. In some of these cells the stainable substance may be present, though when it is it is very unevenly distributed, being collected at definite points in the cell, the nucleus apparently being only partly surrounded by protoplasm. Such cells are to be seen in the substantia gelatinosa of Rolando. Nissl suggests that the nerve cells with an illy developed cell body, in which the nucleus appears to be incompletely surrounded and does not exceed in Buy Griseofulvin size the nucleus of a neuroglia cell or of an ordinary leucocyte, be called " granules " {Ebrne.r) or cytochrome nerve cells. These cells are present in Grifulvin V Micr great numbers in the granular layer of the cerebellum. There are different varieties of these cytochrome cells, those in the cerebral cortex, those in the cerebellar cortex, and those in the olfactory bulb, for example, being by no means identical. The second subgroup of cells in which the cell body is only indicated, but in which the stained nucleus is of the size of that of an ordinary nerve cell, or at any rate is larger than that of a neurogUa cell, Nissl calls haryo- chrome nerve cells. Of Griseofulvin Online these there are, further, distinct varieties — for example, those of the substantia gelatinosa of the spinal cord, and those of the ganglion habenulse — types which for the present are designated simply Where To Buy Griseofulvin by letters of the Greek alphabet. Buy Cheap Griseofulvin The majority of the nerve cells, however, fall in the first group — that of the somatochrome cells — where the cell body is morphologically apparently much more important relatively than the nucleus. But this group contains a series of t3'pes of nerve cells which are dis- tinguishable from one another in part through differ- ences in the nuclei, but mainly through different rela- tions of the stainable Order Griseofulvin and unstainable constituents of the cell body. Nissl divides the somatochrome cells into four great groups: the arhyochrome, the stichochrome, the arkyostichochrome, and the gryochrome nerve cells. In the arkyochrome nerve cells the stainable portion of the cell body appears in Nissl preparations in the form of a network (apKis). The branches of this network appear to be distinctly connected, but Nissl notes that in many Griseofulvin Buy of the cells in this Buy Grifulvin group there can be made out processes into which the distinct network of the perinuclear part of the cell body can go over, so as to form a parallel- striped arrangement. As a sample of cells belonging to this group, Grifulvin V Nissl pictures an arkyochrome olfactory cell (Fig. 52). Among the arkyochrome nerve cells, Nissl \ >\ Fig. 49. — Motor nerve cell fniin \> ! : i Grifulvin V 500 in the apyknomorphous condition. further distinguishes enarkyochrome forms from am- pharkyocJirome forms. The former show the stained con- stituent arranged in the form of a network which differs from the network in the ampharkyochrome cells, in which the intensely stained radiating nodal points of the net- work are connected in the cell body by deeply stained very thick bridges, so that a further connected network of Purchase Griseofulvin very deeply stainable substance is observable. Both enarkyochrome and ampharkyochrome cells are, according to Nissl, widely distributed throughout the central nerv- ous system. The former occur in the spinal cord, but are most Buy Grifulvin Online numerous in the large dorsal nucleus at the proximal end of the medulla (Fig. 50). In the second main group of somatochrome nerve cells, the stichochrome cells (a-rixo';), the stainable sub-

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