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pension of the bacilli, and in subsequent injections (they were repeated at intervals of three weeks) the quan- tity was increased at first by five cubic centimetres and afterward by ten cubic centimetres, so that the quantity introduced on the sixth injection was fifty cubic centi- Fosamax With D metres and the total amount a hundred and sixty-five. After the expiration of three weeks Fosamax 70 Mg the injection of fifty cubic centimetres of the suspension was repeated every third week. Under this treatment the birds began gradually to be able to stand the action of the injections with no apparent detriment to iealth. In order to ascertain if the serum of the fowls so treated had any effect on the growth of tubercle ba- cilli, both fowl Buy Fosamax and mammalian, the author ab- stracted some blood from the fowls, after allowing at least a week to intervene between the last injec- tion of sterilized Fosamax Plus D fowl tubercle bacilli and the vene- section, and not taking any blood until the sixth injec- tion had been given. The serum was allowed to sepa- rate and a quantity of Fosamax D this was drawn into sterilized test tubes. A number of these were then inoculated with virulent Fosamax Price fowl tubercle and others with virulent mammalian tubercle, and they were placed in Alendronate Fosamax the Fosamax 70 Mg Weekly in- cubator. After some time there was a distinct growth in the tubes inoculated with the fowl tubercle, but no apparent increase in the number of bacilli in the tubes which had been inoculated with mammalian tubercle bacilli, although they were kept for three weeks in the incubator. Mr. Paterson then proceeded to Fosamax Lawsuit try the effect of this serum on healthy rabbits and guinea-pigs, and he in- jected three cubic centimetres into the subcutaneoiis tissue of these animals. This was followed in a few hours by a marked rise of temperature, the rise in some eases reaching 3° F. Twenty-four hours afterward there was a thickening at the seat of injection and extend- ing for some Fosamax Mg distance around this point. The injection was repeated once a week until fifteen cubic centi- metres of serum had been introduced in all. During this period the animals lost weight, and this emaciation continued to progress for four or five weeks after the cessation of the injections. Sections made from the swelling resulting from the injections of serum Fosamax Alendronate were found to consist almost entirely of round cells, epi- thelioid cells, and a few large multinucleated cells. At other points the sections showed small Fosamax With Vitamin D foci having all the appearances of caseation, Fosamax 70 while at others the cells were undergoing a degenerative change, as shown by their staining very faintly. Apart from the caseation, continues the author, these appearances denote the pres- ence of a chronic inflammation only, but the caseation and degeneration reveal the presence of some sub- stance deleterious to the cells of the inoculated animal, and that this deleterious property, does not belong to the normal serum of fowls was shown by injecting normal serum in similar doses into rabbits. These in- jections produced a very slight rise of temperature and very little swelling, but nothing similar to the degenera- tive changes previously noted. The aiithor then tried Price Of Fosamax the effects of the serum on tuberculous animals. A number of rabbits were inocu- lated by the anterior chamber of the eye with virulent mammalian tubercle bacilli. Two weeks later two cubic centimetres of the prepared serum were injected subcu- taneously, and this amount was repeated every week for four weeks. At the end of this period the affected eyes w^ere acutely inflamed, the iris in some cases looking like granulation tissue. After Fosamax Buy Online the injections ceased this condition of intense inflammation improved, and a month later the pupils were distinct and the redness had disappeared from the iris, scattered over which a few yellowish Fosamax 10 Mg specks could be seen. For five or six weeks the eyes remained in this condition, there being Fosamax Femur no ap- parent increase in size or number of the yellowish specks situated on the iris. The injections of serum were then begun again, the dose being two cubic centi- metres, and repeated weekly for three weeks. As a re- sult of this the nodules on the iris increased in size, but there was no development of any fresh foci. Six months from the injection of the mammalian tubercle into the eyes, the animals were killed. On examination the bodies were found to be well nourished, and, ex- cept for the tubercles in the eyes, the animals were free from tuberculous infection. The results of these injections show, says the author, that the serum when injected into a tuberculous animal tends to limit the extension of tuberculosis to parts other than those primarily involved, a's is shown by the absence of any tid^erculous disease in the internal or- gans. Even in parts where the disease has become es- tablished before Fosamax Online the serum is introduced it has a per- nicious influence, as in none of the infected eyes did the tubercles exceed seven Fosamax 35 Mg in number, although two cubic centimetres of an opaque watery suspension of virulent mammalian tubercle bacilli had been injected and six months had elapsed between the primary in- oculation and the death by killing of the animals. The Nov. 20, 1897.1 MISCELLANY.

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