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ence and observation, cheap femara contains much information of value to the profession. Including deductions based on original and continued investigation, it should prove a useful manual. Wliile it is a treatise on sexual dis- orders, it is a basis of the study of genito-urinary dis- eases as well. As a whole, it is a helpful contribution to the study and management of the disorders of the sexual appa- ratus. Ham- und GescMechlsorqane. Die Muskeln und Faseien des Beckenausganges. (Miinnlieher und weiblicher Damm.) Von Professor Dr. M. Holl, in Graz. Mit 34 Original-Abbildungen im Text. Handbuch der Anatomic des Menschen. Herausgegeben von Pro- fessor Dr. Karl von Bardeleben. Siebenter Band. Zweiter Theil. Zweite Abtheilung. Jena: Gustav Fischer, 1897. Pp. iv-161 to 300. [Preis, 5 Mark.] The author's descriptions of femara mg the muscles and fasciae of the pelvic floor are based on studies of comparative anatomy as well as on both recent and hardened prepara- tions. They include descriptions of the typical forms of the muscles in the male; differences of the muscles in the female: homologous muscles in different classes of animals which illustrate the phylogenesis of these muscles; and the frequent variations from the typical form. These variations are to be attributed chiefly to changes in function caused by the rudimentary condi- tion of the caudal division of the spinal column in man. The muscles are classified, according to their origin, as muscles of the caudal division of the spinal column, muscles of the anus, muscles of the genito-urinary tract, and unstriped muscles. The author differs from the majority of other writ- ers in regarding the so-called levator ani muscle as con- sisting of two independent muscles; in this he agrees with Henle, but he bestows new names upon them. The description of the fascia? of the pelvic floor is greatly simplified by considering them as primarily cov- erings for the muscles and by recognizing the fact that strongly developed fasciffi may be femara online continued by means of loose connective tissue. HoU's work is a concise, thorough, and remarkably clear discussion of this intricate region of anatomy. A ready comprehension of the text is frequently facilitated by the woodcuts, which make up in distinctness what they sometimes lack in artistic finish. Suite de monograpliies cliniques sur les questions en medecine, en chirurgie, en biologie. No. buy femara 3. Le lavage du sang. Par le Dr. Felix Lejars, Agrege, chirurgien des hopitaux de Paris, etc. Paris: Masson et Cie., 1897. Pp. 42. Dr. Lejaes briefly reviews under this title the sub- ject of the introduction of saline fluids into the circula- tion. He gives excellent descriptions of the technics of the different procedures, a resume femara cost of order femara online the experi- mental work which has been done on sound and infected animals, and a judicious analysis of the clinical indica- tions and contraindications for its therapeutic applica- tion. The most interesting portion of the essay is that which treats buy femara online of the use of order femara large injections in purchase femara surgical and medical intoxications. The author declares that the difficulty and dangers of the operation of intravenous injection have been greatly exaggerated and that, while subcutaneous femara tablets injection is to generic femara be preferred ordinarily, the former is so frequently of urgent necessity that 714 BOOK NOTICES— MISCELLANY. [N. Y. Med. Jour., its safe performance should be within the ability of every physician. The Normal and Pathological Circulation in the Cen- tral Nervous System (Myelencephalon). Original Studies. By William Browxixg, Ph. B., M. D., Attending jfeurologist to tlie Kings County Hos- pital, etc. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippkicott, 1897. Pp. 8-9 to 171. femara price [Price, $1.50.] This book consists of a series of articles, most of which have been pubhshed before. It is not, as its title indicates, a treatise on the cranio-spinal circulation, but a collection of essays which, in their variety, range from On the Eemains of a purchase femara online Foramen Spheno-temporale in Man to the Clinical Applicability of Lumbar Puncture. While many of the articles are valuable, the reason for their association in. book form buy cheap femara is not plain. BOOKS, ETC., RECEIVED. A Text-book of the Practice of Medicine. By J ames M. Anders, M. D., Ph.D., LL. D., Professor" of the Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine in the

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