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amount of stimulation, preferably of a mild character, is indispensable in these cases. As to electrical appli- cations, the dilficulties attending their application pre- clude their use in the majority of cases. Where elec- tricity has been used, it has been in many cases effective, and its good results have depended upon what has just been referred to — namely, to its effects as a method of stimulation. One form of treatment of atrophic rhinitis has been warmly advocated in England by Dr. George Stoker — namely, the local use of oxygen, the nasal cavities being exposed to the action of the gas for Buy Lithium Carbonate Online several hours each day. The value of this method has not yet been proved. Dr. Van dee Poel: I Buy Eskalith should like to refer to a plan of treatment which has but briefly been spoken of in this discussion. In one of the journals Lithium Eskalith last 3'ear refer- ence was Eskalith Er made to some experiments made in Eskalith Cr 450 Italy, based upon the similarity between the bacilli found in these cases of atroplxic rhinitis and the Klebs-Loeffler bacilli of diphtheria, which had Buy Lithium Carbonate led to the use of injections of diphtheria antitoxines for the cure of atropine rhinitis. I merely refer to it, as a case lately under my care tends to corroborate the efficacy of antitoxine in atropine Eskalith 450 Mg rlii- nitis. A woman thirty-two years of age who had been a sufferer for years with very severe ozajna, and who had been treated in the usual manner, special attention being given to the hygiene of the nose, became affected with laryngeal diphtheria. For this diphtheria I administered during a period of three days three thou- sand units of antitoxine serum, from which she made an uneventful recovery. I have examined her several times lately, and I requested her to come back to report from time to time. I found that her nasal difficulty had almost entirel}' disappeared. Of course, destruction of the tur- binated bodies had occurred, but the crusts did not recur as Generic Lithium Carbonate before she had the diphtheria. Now it is only necessary to cleanse the nose twice a week. Dr. Hartjian: With regard to the electrical treat- ment referred to in the paper, I would say that I read a paper before this association on this subject some years ago, and that I have had no reason to change the views therein contained. The only objections to it are the difficulty of apphcation and the unwillingness of patients to submit to it. I think the stimulation by this means is more advantageous than any rapid form of stimula- tion Lithium Carbonate Buy caused by Purchase Lithium Carbonate the ordinary applications; although thor- ough cleansing is of course necessary in order to carry off the accumulated secretions and prevent further irri- tation from them. Dr. Logan: This subject of atrophic rhinitis appeals Order Lithium Carbonate Online to me verjr forcibly in view of the fact that in the chmate in which I live we come in contact with a great many of these cases. The records of my clinic will show, I think, a surprisingly large percentage of these cases. The many methods of treatment hitherto siiggested have for the most part resulted in nothing in my hands. In m}' experience the classical site of this disease is in the middle tiwbinate body, and not the inferior, as sug- gested by Dr. Mackenzie. I have seen many cases where the middle body alone gave evidence of disease. To me this seems very rational if we are willing to accept the theory of accessory sinus inflammation as suggested by Michel. The middle turbinate body serves as the drip- string or drainage canal to these cavities. The drying of these discharges by the currents of air, the formation of crusts, the contractile power exerted by these crusts, all together might produce mechanically the condition of atrophy. 712 BOOK NOTICES. [N. Y. Med. Joub., In the liglit of mechanical production I have for the last 3'ear and a half opened up these accessory cavi- ties and established free drainage, and I can exliibit some very pleasing results. Dr. Casselberrt: In German literature the term ozffina is now by common consent restricted to that type of atrophic rhinitis which is accompanied by fcetor. So used it means more than a bad Lithium Carbonate Online odor, and it does not mean a bad odor from other causes, such as syphilitic bone necrosis. It is in this sense that I employed the term in my introduction to this discussion, and to make the subject still plainer, designated it the ozasnal type of atrophic rhinitis. Ikly remarks upon Frankel's transi- tion theory, which is advocated by Dr. Mackenzie were not intended as " strictures." I accept this theory in part, but regard it as inadequate in explanation of all cases, and notably those of early infancy. The sugges- tion that the previous hypertrophic stage occurred in intra-uterine life I regard as an evasion because of its improbability. The remarks of Dr. Eice are very suggestive. I have often been requested by these patients to Eskalith Cr consider for

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