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The Nature and Symptoms of Atrophic Rhinitis. buy cheap hydrochlorothiazide — Dr. W. E. Casselbeeet, of Chicago, read a paper on this subject. (See page 697.) The Pathology of Atrophic Rhinitis. — Dr. J. No- land Mackenzie, of Baltimore, read hydrochlorothiazide price a generic hydrochlorothiazide paper with this title. (See page 691.) buy esidrix The Treatment of Atrophic Rhinitis. — Dr. C. C. Rice, of New York, read a pajier, written conjointly with Dr. J. C. Mi'LHALL, of St. Louis, on this subject. (See page 693.) Dr. Weight: This subject purchase hydrochlorothiazide online is always an interesting one; unfortunately, so far, it has been also one of very little profit buy hydrochlorothiazide to discuss, simply because contributions made from time to time to the question have merely kept it open, without advancing anything toward its solution. It has been very many years, it seems to me, since Nov. 20, 1897.] PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. 711 anything has been added to the discussion which really contributed anything to our knowledge of the disease, and especially of its pathology. So far as relates order hydrochlorothiazide online to the changes in the mucous mem- brane and purchase hydrochlorothiazide the production of fibrous tissue, these can be shown to occur in atrophic rhinitis, but after a time this fibrous tissue also atrophies. Not only does the fibrous tissue disappear, but the bone itself atrophies, until finally the disease leaves only a hollow arch, con- sisting of the outer frame of the nose. The fibrous development is only a part of a general atrophic process, which extends to the bones, causing them to diminish in size. All order hydrochlorothiazide the structures simply disappear. I have talked esidrix or zaroxolyn of this subject with Dr. Park, who lias done more in the line of the bacteriology of the nasal fossas than any other man in this country, and he sug- gested that hydrochlorothiazide cost the Lowenburg-Abel coccus, the false diph- theria bacillus, or some other micro-organism might se- crete some form cheap hydrochlorothiazide of ptomaine which produced these curious results in atrophic rhinitis. Certainly, I am not acquainted with any other process in the human body which is at all comparable to it. Another point to remember is that the morbid pro- cess usually begins at the time of pubertj'. Some cases are seen in childhood, but generally they are first ob- served at the time of puberty. Xow, it is just at this time that structures containing cavernous tissue begin to be developed enormously, and we observe the produc- tion of erectile-tissue spaces in the nasal mucous mem- brane. Another point is the very great preponderance of this disease in women. Xineteen out of twenty cases are in women. The symptoms of the disease frequently cease at the menopause or are greatly ameUorated. Barely do we see persons suffering from atrophic rhinitis after forty years of age. A certain number die, it is true, before attaining this age, but the fact that hydrochlorothiazide online so few are seen among old women is remarkable. It seems to be coterminous with the power of reproduction in the fe- male. As regards atropine processes arising at the point ■\rhere we most frequently find hypertrophy, it is to be remembered that this is also the place where we have the most evident development of hydrochlorothiazide tablets erectile tissue. A number of years ago, when I thought that I knew a great deal more than I know that I do not know now, I was posi- tive that atrophy was always preceded by hypertrophy, but I am not so sure now. This theory has not been proved. I believe that if we could examine the nasal mucous membranes of everybody in this room we should find inflammatory changes going on. So that we can not say that it is necessarily due to preceding inflammation. On the other hand, there is no warrant for saying that cases can esidrix 25 mg arise de hydrochlorothiazide mg novo. In many of these old patients who have previously suffered from ozajna you see a moist siirface, although where the glands have been almost entirely destroyed, and the mucous membrane is greatly atrophied, you see a moist surface and no crusts. In cases originating after twenty years of age very few patients are troubled with crusts in the nose; the discharge is of a fluid character and does not tend to buy hydrochlorothiazide online the formation of crusts. With regard to stimulation, which Dr. Rice objects to, I always iise some form of stimulation. A weak solu- tion of thymol, for instance, seems to work very well. The chief indication, however, of course, is cleanliness. Dr. Delavan: I concur in the final remark of the last speaker, at least to some extent; that a certain

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