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Born. MacMurrough.— In Jersey City, on Wednesday, No- vember lOlh, ranbaxy eriacta to Dr. and Mrs. F. K. MacMurrough, a daughter. RowE. —In St. Louis, on Tuesday, November 2d, to Dr. and Mrs. Earle V. eriacta tablets Rowe, a daughter. Married. HiLl.— Den-nis. — In Bishopville, South Carolina, on Wednesday, November lOth. Mr. Jacob Davis Hill and Miss Emma Leila Dennis, daughter of Dr. Robert E. Dennis. Jiggitts— Powell— In Canton. Mississippi, on Thurs- day, November 11th, Dr. James eriacta uk R. Jiggitts and Miss Mary Powell. Opdyke— Ludeman. — In New York, on Tuesday, Octo- ber 26th, Dr. Ralph Opdyke and Miss Millie Ludeman. Died. Allen. — In Philadelphia, on Sunday, November lltb. Dr. Harrison Allen, in the fifty-sixth year of his age. Foster. — In Philip, Mississippi, on Sunday, November 7th. Dr. W. T. Foster. Jones. — In Bastrop, Louisiana, on Saturday, November 6th, Dr. R. R. Jones. Sutton. — In Rome, cheap eriacta N. Y., on Wednesday, November 10th, Dr. Richard E. Sutton, in tlie sixty-sixth year of his age. (L'^bituarifs. HARRISON ALLEN, M. D., OF PHILADELPHIA. The death of Dr. Harrison Allen removes purchase sildenafil citrate a some- what unique figure from the profession in this coun- try. He is almost the last of the long Line of physician- naturalists, of the men who lived hy their profession while working hard at various problems in natural his- tory. In fact. Dr. Allen lived a dual life and had a dual reputation. In Philadelphia he was recognized as one of cheap sildenafil citrate the leading consultants in diseases of the throat and nose, and for many years had enjoyed in this specialty perhaps one of the most sildenafil citrate 50mg lucrative prac- buy eriacta online tices in the country. On what ma)' be called his bread- and-butter eriacta online specialty he has written always ably, but not voluminously. Those who knew him in his order sildenafil citrate morning hours little thought that, like John Hunter, he was only earning the " damned guinea " so that he could devote much of his afternoons and his evenings to his favorite study of comparative anatomy, in many depart- ments of which he was a recognized authority. One of his earliest works buy eriacta was a monograph on Tlie Bats of North America. In 1869 he published a work entitled The Outlines of Comparative Anatomy and Medical Zoology. In 1884 appeared his large System, of Human Anatomy, a work which is not consulted often enough, particularly by medical men who wish to look up special points of anatomy in relation to practical medicine and surgery. Dr. Allen made the dissection of the bodies of the Siamese twins, and his report On Animal Loco- motion, as buy sildenafil citrate illustrating Muybridge's photographic work 710 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR.— PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. [N. Y. Med. Jour.. in Pennsylvania, was a very interesting and suggestive memoir. Of late years he had devoted a great deal of time to the investigation of crania. Dr. Allen graduated at the University of Pennsyl- vania in 1861, in his twentieth year. He served as assistant surgeon during the civil war. The index of names in the Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Eebellion shows how often Joseph Leidy and Har- rison Allen, hoth comparative anatomists, contributed to the reports accurate descriptions of post-mortems and of injuries. From 1865 to 1868 he was professor of comparative anatomy at the University of Pennsyl- vania, and from 1878 to 1885 professor of physiology. In 189-1, when the Wistar Institute of Anatomy of the University of Pennsylvania was founded, he became its first director. sildenafil citrate 100mg With the shy, retiring disposition of the thinker order eriacta and student. Dr. Allen at the same time was a man of strong feelings and high aims in life. buy sildenafil citrate online His ranbaxy eriacta 100 untimely death has left a Vide gap in the ranks of the profession in Phila- delphia, and many aching hearts in friends who had

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