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cious, on the ground that absolute Buy Ditropan Online Purchase Oxybutynin Online alcohol itself would destroy the Streptococcus pyogenes and erysipelatus, and the Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus, acting for only one minute. Other methods were, consequently, re- sorted to by Crookshank, whose technique seems to have been extremely accurate, in which the results were en- tirely in favor of carbolic acid. The details of his tech- nique were as follows: First, cultures on the sloping surface of nutrient agar were made. The antiseptic was poured into the cul- Nov. 20, ISflT.l THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. 705 ture tube Purchase Ditropan until the growths were covered, and when it had acted for a definite time, say one, five, or fifteen minutes, a solution was added which immediately stopped further action. In the case of bichloride, am- monium sulphide was used, which is quite Purchase Oxybutynin inert as Buy Cheap Oxybutynin a germicide. The liquid contents of the tubes were then carefully poured off, and inoculation into a fresh tube was made from the cultures still adhering to the sur- face of the nutrient mediiim, with results that disproved the efficacy of bichloride. Another plan was adopted: cul- tures were made in broth, the fluid poured off, and bi- chloride solution added Order Oxybutynin Online and well agitated. After the set time had exi>ired, ammonium sulphide was added, and the tubes of fresh broth were inoculated with the mix- ture. The Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus Ditropan Online and Strepto- coccus pyogenes were not destroyed, even when corrosive sublimate solution (1 in 1,000) was allowed to act for an hour. In Buy Oxybutynin the case of streptococcus of erysipelas the result was different — 1 in 4,000 destroyed the ciiltures in one minute. Buy Cheap Ditropan With carbolic acid the results were very striking. Cultures were exposed to a solution of 1 in 20, 1 in 30, 1 in 40, 1 in 50 for periods of one Oxybutynin Online minute, five min- utes, fifteen minutes, and the attempts to make subcul- tures failed in every case. The carbolic acid (1 in 40), acting for one minute, was sufficient to destroy all the pyogenic organisms. {To be concluded.) (Tbcrupeutital flotcs. ftuinoleine in the Treatment of Whooping-cough. — G.Koch (cited in the Order Ditropan Online Iinlependaiice medicate ior Se\>t.ein- ber 29th) recommends this formula: I^ Quiuoleine tartrate 1 part ; SSd water, H-'^ ^^ P^'^- Generic Ditropan M. S. : A tablespoonful every three hours. An Ointment for Palmar Psoriasis. — The Centralhlatt filr die (je^amtnte Therapie for October credits this Buy Ditropan formula to the Wiener medicinische Presse : 5 Calomel, ) Lanolin, V Order Ditropan equal parts. Lard, ) M. To be rubbed into the palms of the hands at bedtime and washed off in the morning. An Application for Fissures of the Tongue. — The Ce7itralht(tlt, fur die gesammte Therapie for October takes this formula from the Monatshefte fiir praktisclie Dermatologie : 5 Carbolic acid 3 Cheap Ditropan parts ; Tincture of Buy Oxybutynin Online iodine 10 " Glycerin 30 " M. For smearing the fissures. Hot Water in the Treatment of Gonorrhoea. — Cal- lori {Bulletin medical; Journal de medecine de Paris, October Order Oxybutynin 3d), acting Generic Oxybutynin on Neisser's demonstration that a temperature of 113° F. destroyed the virulence and the reproductive power of the gonococcus, has treated gon- orrhoea with injections of water of that temperature, and in most instances with success. He advises a pre- liminary injection of a weak solution of cocaine. A woman's urethra, he says, will bear a temperature a few degrees higher than Purchase Ditropan Online a man's wdll tolerate. Nullard's Diuretic. — The Gazelle hchdomadairc de

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