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Wyatt Wingrave (17) has described hyaloid bodies, possibly of a parasitic nature. Finally, the novelty is suggested by Belfanti and Delia Vedova (18) that the diphtheria bacillus is the cause, and they report cures in one cytotec 200 mg half their cases by a series of tliirty antitoxine injections; but Professor Gar- dinigo (19) reports negative results. Symptoms, with buy cheap cytotec Special Beference to Type I, Simple Dry Bhinitis. — The milder forms of Type purchase cytotec I are accom- panied only by a sense of dryness in the nose or dis- cytotec 400 mg comfort in the nasopharynx. A lady of fifty years, who had previously been affected with h3'pertrophic rhinitis for which the cautery had been perhaps too freely ap- plied, was annoyed by subjective sensations of a web or veil across the nostril. Eegarding the possible effect of cauterization in developing cytotec buy online atrophic rhinitis, as the atrophy in this case was equally apparent on the steptum, I regarded it as post hoc rather than propter hoc. Still, it would be buying cytotec wise to avoid the too free use of this rem- edy, especially on patients past middle age. A gentleman, aged fifty-five years, exemplified a wide group; he complained solely of soreness and distress in the throat in consequence of the formation of crusts in the nasopharynx. The posterior third of the nasal chambers, in conjunction with the nasopharjmx, pre- sented atrophic changes. He gave a history of hyper- trophic cytotec 200mcg disease earlier in life, of which evidences still re- mained in the anterior nares and pharynx. Incrustation over the cartilaginous sajptum tempts the patient to pick the nose, which leads to trouble- some attacks of epistaxis. Even a rough use of the hand- kerchief can excite bleeding. As stated, the characteristic foetor of ozasna is not present, although a faint disagreeable odor may ensue from accumulated crusts. The ears are commonly implicated, and impairment of hearing will at times be the first symptom for which relief is sought, the earlier nasal manifestations having been disregarded, and the same may be said for the symptom of impairment of the voice from implication of the larynx. On examination of the nose inspissated secretion will be seen adhering, especially to the middle turbinated bodies and sseptum, or the surface will have cytotec order a dry, glazed appearance in whole or part. The symptoms, both subjective and objective, of ad- vanced where to buy cytotec eases of simple dry rhinitis are much the same as those of buy cytotec the oza?nal type minus the fcetor, and may therefore be considered in conjunction therewith. Symptoms, tvith Special Beference cytotec on line to Type II, Ozwna. 700 EASTINGS: SEPTICEMIA IN TEE PUERPERIUM. [N. Y. Med. cytotec price Jour.t — Crust formation and foetor are the most prominent symptoms of ozasna, although other secondary manifes- tations are numerous. The crusts may accumulate online cytotec in thin scales or in large masses of horny consistence, which may even occlude the nostrils cytotec cost at times, being firmly adherent and impacted in the sinuosities of the nares, until, by decomposition and softening of the layers adjoining the mucosa, they are finally cast loose cytotec 200 mcg and expelled in large pieces by blowing, often leaving abraded but not ulcerating surfaces be- hind. The foetor varies in intensity in different cases, but in its severe form it is so horribly online pharmacy cytotec nauseating and pene- trating as to contaminate the atmosphere of an entire room in a few minutes, cytotec cheap and to necessitate comparative isolation of the afflicted person. It interferes with his social and business usefulness, and actually restricts his earning capacity. The odor is mostly due order cytotec online to decomposi- tion of the incrusting secretion in situ, but there is rea- son to beheve that this decomposition extends somewhat to the secretion, which is still in process of elaboration in the structure of the glands themselves, although this is difficult of absolute demonstration, for, cytotec mg however, thor- oughly one may cleanse the parts, foetor persisting might still be caused by small invisible particles of crusts in the accessory cavities, ethmoid cells, or sphenoid sinus. In advanced cases, commonly, the sense of hearing is impaired, the sense of smell obtunded, the eyes occasion- ally inflamed, and the physiognomy lacking in acuteness of expression. The disease is prone to extend, follow- ing the air-passages downward even to the broncliioles. On rhinoseopic examination, both anteriorly and pos- teriorly, one is impressed by the spaciousness of the nasal

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