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if great stimulation is produced by pungent drugs, greater dryness resiilts. In those cases only where there is a tendency to sub- acute inflammatory attacks with discharge of watery se- cretion should powders be employed. We see this condi- Coreg Cr Generic tion in cliildren where a purulent rhinitis is rapidly manifesting an atrophic state. I have found in these cases that after Order Coreg proper washing — and if there is much irritation they should not be washed at all — an appropri- ate powder will control the abundant discharge and Cheap Coreg at the same time Coreg Generic Name remove congestion. I like better than any- thing else a combination of seventy-five per cent, com- pound stearateof zinc with boric acid and twenty-five-per- cent, compound stearate of zinc with alum. This powder should not be used after the discharge has been stopped and congestion controlled, as it is too drying. In the mark- edly congestive forms of atrophic rhinitis, seen in im- moderate cigarette smokers and drinkers, this powder is a valuable one. It goes without saying that we Coreg Cr 20 should not promise any benefit from treatment unless excessive smoking and drinking are given up. I do not consider the prognosis in these cases nearly as discouraging as I did formerly, because I have seen so many patients who, although washing and oiling the nasal chambers once or twice a day, expressed themselves as per- fectly comfortable; and the patient's comfort is of more importance than a normal appearing mucous membrane. A young woman of nineteen or twenty expressed her great satisfaction but a short time ago at the treatment she had received and said she was cured. She had per- sisted in washing and oiling, and did not suffer from foul odor, or from Coreg 80 Mg the retention of secretions, or the feeling of dryness. I could not see that the mucous membrane was anything but dry, but was quite willing to Coreg 2.125 Mg agree with her in her belief that she was cured. Coreg Cr 20 Mg I can not believe that better results can be secured by Coreg 18.75 Mg the tedious application of the electrical currents or the intro- duction of medicated tampons or bougies. These all re- quire much time, and we are compelled to relinquish them sooner or later. We can not get patients to persist in the use of remedies Coreg Cr 40 which are difficult of application. Nor do I believe that we Coreg Cr 40 Mg have any drug which has any- thing like a specific stimulating effect in atrophic rhi- nitis, unless it be that of Coreg 20 Mg iodide of potassium, where the destruction of tissue is due to syphilis. In the use of solutions, both oily and watery, we should err on the side of making them too weak rather than too strong. Any application which produces irritation enough to cause an apparent eoryza is followed by harmful reaction. In looking over formulse recommended in the treatment of this disease I have been impressed with the fact that many of them are far too strong. I must repeat that too much attention can not be paid to the improvement of the Coreg Cr 80 Mg general health. Let us get our patients out of factories and workshops, if pos- sible, where they can get an Generic Coreg Cr abundance of fresh air and healthful exercise. It was Zeim, I believe, who ordered his patients to the seashore or to the woods for a certain time each day, in order that they might, as he expressed it, " thoroughly ventilate their nostrils." Probably the Nov. 20, 1897.] CASSELBEERT: ATROPHIC RIIIXIT7S—ITS MATURE AND SYMPTOMS. 691 seashore is better for the majority of this class than the mountains are. Not all of our patients can play golf or ride bicycles, but some of them can, Coreg 40 Mg and it is within the power of nearly all of them Coreg 10 Mg to keep themselves in a healthful condition Is Coreg A Beta Blocker by proper bathinCoreg Cr 10 Mg M. D., CHICAUO, PROFESSOR OF LARYNGOLOGY AND RUINOLOGY IN NORTHWESTERN UNIVBKSITT MEDICAL SCHOOL; LAKTNGOLOGIST AND RHINOLOGIST TO ST. LUKE'S HOSPITAL ". LARTNGOLOUIST TO WESTLEY HOSPITAL, ETC. Tnis somewhat worn but ever-worthy topic is attract- ing renewed and Coreg Er earnest attention. It has recently been the subject of special discussion before the British Laryngological and Rhinological Association. Many pa- pers on its varying phases are fresh from the press, and now the council, doubtless imbued with the general desire to clarify obscure features, has selected it for discussion by the American Laryngological Association. Naturally, latter-day interest has centred about the eti- ology from a bacteriological standpoint, in the expectation that, given a specific cause, there might be found a specific

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