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remedy, finally conquered this disease by vising douches of sage tea, and Dr. lleebus f extols the viitue of milk douches. He advises irrigation lasting for three quarters of an hour, and says that from twenty-five to fifty pints of milk should be passed tlirough the nostrils. In my opinion one of the combivent price most valuable agents was obtained when the various oily preparations came into use. combivent dose You are all perfectly familiar with the various formulae, some better than others, but many exceedingly good ones. As protectives, they are certainly sedative in their effect, and so allay irritation; as lubricants, they prevent the formation and retention of scabby crusts; as vehicles for stimulating drugs, they hold them in position for a much longer time than combivent inhaler when watery solu- tions combivent nebulizer are employed. Many drugs have been used, in oily solution, in the treatment of atrophic rhinitis where dis- infection as buy combivent well as stimulation was desired, such as iodol, aristol, iodoform, etc. Time forbids the mention of other methods of treat- ment or of a larger variety of 'drugs. The results which we wish to combivent cost obtain in the treat- ment of this disease are perfectly familiar to all: cleansing of the nasal passages; healing of ulcerations; the pro- motion of adequate nasal respiration and proper drain- age, and the restoration, so far as possible, of the nasal lining to its function of a moisture-producing mucous surface. It seems unnecessary to recommend any form of nasal irrigation to this body of men. I think it is wise, in * Haye? Agnew. T/ierapentic Gazette, combivent neb 1885. + Reebus. Jahrcsher'tclit dfv Klln'ik fiir Larijii(ji>sroj/u Wien, 1880. 696 HIGE: TREATMENT OF ATROPHIC RHINITIS. [N. Y. Med. Jotje., teaching beginners, to recommend the smallest quantity of fluid wliich accomplishes combivent coupons the result, and it is hardly safe to advocate nasal douching without caution. The post-nasal syringe, ^^•hen employed by combivent dosage rough-handed prac- titioners, is not a harmless instrument. I have found that patients succeed in removing dried incrustations rather more easily when they first spray plain oil into the nos- trils. I think there are not many cases in which the nasal-douche cup does not furnish combivent inhaler price sufficient fluid if the saline solution — and I like Seller's as well as any — is allowed to remain in the nostrils a few moments in order to separate the dry secretions combivent mdi from their attachments. This is a wiser procedure than using greater force with the fountain syringe, or blowing the nostrils with great intensity. When the nostrils are cleaned, if the middle turbinated body offers much obstruction or is combivent inhalers wedged against the saeptum, it is desirable to make a channel between the two, and this can be done by removing the soft structures and perhaps a small part of the bony tissue with scissors. The snare is hardly a safe instrument, as it will sometimes remove the entire middle turbinated body; and with the crushing forceps more tissue is fre- quently taken away than is expedient. It is most im- portant of all to remove the gray granular surface of buy combivent inhaler the mucous membrane, which frequently presents small ulcerative points where the scabs have been attached. I like friction with some stimulating disinfectant much better than applications of nitrate of silver or of any other drug I have used. Perhaps the advocates combivent udv of '' mas- sage " would say that this buy combivent online treatment should be placed under that head. I have succeeded in a good many in- stances in a form of treatment which I advocated in a paper some two years ago. I found that by the use of weak solutions of bichloride, or of borolyptol,or of boro- formalin, applied by rubbing the mucous surface with a hard cotton pledget for perhaps half a minute at a time, I obtained, after a few applications, not only an even surface but a slippery one, combivent inhaler coupons whereas solutions of nitrate of silver nearly always leave the mucous mem- brane granular enough to retain the secretions. I would term it " polishing the mucous lining of combivent inhaler coupon the nose." This frictional method for the first time or two produces slight bleeding, but after that the mucous membrane becomes hard and white. I have employed the same method over the inferior body and far back over the middle tur- binated. I hope this form of treatment may commend itself to you in spite of its simplicity. After the washing at home and the stimulating friction at the office, the next most important procedure is suitable and constant lubrication with oils. I do not believe that any advan- tage is combivent coupon attained by incorporating the many drugs which have been mentioned in the oily solutions. Protection and lubrication are the points to be obtained. I think the matter of stimulation is a very uncertain factor, cheap combivent and

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