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Nov. 20, 18il7. RICE: TREATMENT OE ATROPHIC RHINITIS. 095 the atrophic mucous surface Clonidine 0.1 and held in position by the left hand, while regular motion is made by vibrating the left arm with the right hand. The writer states that after a few days normal secretion is established and the crusts become thinner and fewer in number. He be- lieves that this method of treatment will recommend it- self very highly to anybody using it. Demme * has found that massage performed after the manner described is made still more efficacious by using a twenty-per-cent. solution of pyoctanin in lano- lin. He has succeeded, he says, in every case. Gar- nault f and others have used massage by means of elec- trical vibrations. It Catapres Clonidine seems to me that the Buy Clonidine use of destructive agents in the treatment of this disease deserves mention only to be censured. It is possible that an obstinate ulcera- tion will require to be cauterized, but Clonidine Dosing it seems to me a very unsafe procedure to recommend the galvauo-cautery and chromic acid where their use can be indicated only in rare instances and then should be employed in the most judicious Clonidine Hydrochloride way. If the middle turbinated body needs to be reduced in size or a deflected sa?plum is too prominent, as may be the case in atropliie rhinitis, cut- ting instruments will accomplish the result desired in a much more reasonable way. We can not afford to still further devitalize an atrophic steptum with a heated electrode. I find that many articles have been written on atrophic rhinitis where nothing more is offered in the way of treatment than the spraying of solutions of borax in glycerin, ammonium chloride in glycerin, solutions of Buy Cheap Clonidine chlorate of potassivim and of phosphate of sodium and phospJiate of Clonidine Clonidine ammonium, snuffs of animal or wood charcoal, compounds of honey and terebene, and oint- ments Clonidine Buy of creosote. Mather thinks it impoi-tant to com- bine opium with his saline douches, and, if irritation and headache are produced by Clonidine Dose the nasal wash, recom- mends Clonidine Catapres the smoking of a eubeb cigarette. . Struebing Cheap Clonidine X affirms that he has used every medication that has ever been recommended, and he has arrived at the conclusion that the nose should be cleaned by in- struments because douching is harmful to the ears, and that the only successful plan of treatment is the use of bougies medicated with ereolin, or, better still, metacres- olaristol in one-per-eent. aqueous solution. Wendell Phillips recommends an antiseptic solution called baptoline, and also one of aeetotartrate of alumi- num in water, half a drachm to the ounce. Several drugs have been employed which deserve rather more attention. One of these is resorcin. Masini,* as far back as 1882, was using one half of one per Clonidine Patch cent, of resorcin combined with vaseline, applied * nemme. Deutsche medizinischc Wnchenschrift, 1891, No. 46. \ (Jarnault. La Massage vibratoire ct e!ectri<)ue dans les maladies ,lii ««, Paris, 1891. I Strucbiiit.'. Ceiitralblaft fiir Bakleriologie, vol. xiii, 189.3. " Jlasini. Aivhtviiilalia7ii di lariiiffoloi)ia, 1882, p. 74. with the brush. He says the treatment is an ideal one. Other practitioners have used it in solution, and I know that it has been employed quite generally in New York, though I Clonidine Dosage do not hear that the results obtained by its use have fulfilled expectations. The use of hydrogen peroxide seemed for a time to promise great amelioration in this disease, and as a germicide and disinfectant its ability is unquestioned. It is, however, a rather troublesome medication to em- ploy, and in my hands, while it produces cleanliness, is not a useful stimulant, but leaves the mucous membrane quite as dry as ever. In anything like strong Buy Clonidine Online solution I have found it quite irritating and apt to produce a sub- acute nasopharyngeal catarrh. Professor Cozsolino, writing in 1887, says that after cleansing the nostrils, either absolute or What Is Clonidine diluted ethyl alcohol (CjHjiOH) should be applied on Withdrawal Clonidine small sponges or on pieces of absorbent cotton. He considers tliis apphcation as one of the best antiseptics and fulfilling in a remarkable degree the properties of stimulation to the mucous surface of the nose. I Clonidine Mg used ozone for a time and with some benefit, but the apparatus is complicated, and such remedies are apt to fall into disuse. We can safely say that nearly every Clonidine Tablet expedient for the cure Clonidine Tablets of this disease has been resorted to when we read that Dr. Hayes Agnew,* after exhausting every known

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