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In looking over the literature of the subject some- what, we find that although many drugs have been em- ployed in the treatment of atropine rhinitis, yet they have nearly all been used iipon the general principle of producing Clomipramine Tablets what is called by some " stimulation," by oth- ers " irritation." These two terms, I imagine, are alike in kind, differing only in degree. We find that the German school, chnging as usual to their belief that this disease, like all others, is caused by the presence of unusual kinds of bacilli or bacteria in unusual numbers, advocate the use of solutions of bichlo- ride. Koch * tells of the great benefit and complete cure in some cases of atropine rhinitis by the use of a spray of l-to-4,000 bichloride. Lowenberg always uses antiseptic douches of mer- curic bichloride (1 Clomipramine Ocd to 4,000), having first removed the crusts with warm saline solution. Thost f applies bichloride of mercury in a solution Anafranil Clomipramine of 1 to 2,000 with a camel's-hair brush twice a day. ■ He remarks that Clomipramine 50 Mg tliis treatment Clomipramine Anafranil has been in vogue for a number of years and has alwaj^s produced good results. Of the Italian school; Cardone J (professor at the University at Naples), believing that atrophic changes in the nose are similar to the process of pneumonia and de- pendent upon the same bacilli, uses the bichloride in a solution of 1 to 2,000, giving internally iron and cod-liver oil. And Marano bases the same treatment upon the same belief. One of our fellows. Dr. Mackenzie, of Baltimore, has * Koch. .Wifhril. d. katscrVich. GexundheiU., Bd. 1881. t Thost. Schmidt's Jahrhiicher, 1887. X Cardone. Archivii italiani di laringologm, 1886. made use of a solution of mercury bichloride, two grains to a pint of water, by atomization, and recommends the same as a gargle and nasal wash. Belfanti * says that having used with great benefit the diphtheria antitoxiue in oza2na, Clomipramine For Ocd he employed Clomipramine 50mg it also in atrophic rhinitis, and to his great astonishment ob- tained very favorable results. He has not as yet tried the treatment long enough to publish his cases. I need not take the time of this association to Clomipramine Buy repeat what has already been said here in regard to the use of electrical applications to the nasal mucous membrane in Buy Clomipramine the treatment of this disease. I believe Dr. Shurley,f in 1880, was the first to recommend it, but the treatment has been used to quite a large extent by a number of the fellows of this association, Clomipramine 10 Mg and they can tell us how far they Clomipramine 25mg have succeeded. The application of the positive pole of the galvanic current to the back of the neck and the negative pole to the nostrils to produce stimulation has been the usual method employed by Dr. Shurley, Dr. Delavan,J Dr. Hartman, and others. The exact tech- nique can be found in our Transactions. Even the fara- daie current has been used and recommended; also the use of copper electrodes on the principle of electrolysis. Another method of treatment is that recommended by Gottstein, by which the nasal mucous membrane is stimulated or irritated by the introduction of absorbent cotton into the nostrils, or some form of medicated wool, as recommended by Woakes." Among the various drugs which have been employed in this way are iodoform, iodol, aristol, salicylic acid, camphor, iodine, perchloride of iron, tannin, alum, rhatany, and opium. Medicated bougies, manufactured with a basis of gelatin Buy Clomipramine Online and glycerin and medicated with the drugs just mentioned, have been used a good deal in atrophic rhinitis, and this method by which drugs can be kept in contact with the mucous membrane for a long time seems to be a reasonable one. The inhalation of stimulating volatile substances obtained from the es- sential oils and from eubebs, tar, eucalyptus, and thymol has also been largely employed; and we find in the shops a number of varieties of so-called auto-insufflators, by means of which the patient is enabled to blow into his Clomipramine 20mg own nostrils the fumes of carbolic acid, menthol, oil of pine, etc. A somewhat different plan of treatment, Clomipramine Hydrochloride but intended to produce proper stimulation and secretion, is called "massage" of the miicous membrane. Laher, || of Vienna, says that this method of treatment has given most satisfactorjf results. The method is employed by wrapping cotton around a probang introduced against * Belfanti. Associazione mediea hmbardin, 1896. f Shurley. On Atrophic Clomipramine Hydrochloride Tablets Pharyngitis. Transaction,'! of the American Liiri/riflolor/ical Axsociation, 1880, p. 20. t Delavan. Treatment of Atrophic Rhinitis by the Galvanic Current. Transactions of the American Laryngological Associalion. 1887, p. 1*15. » Woakes. Lancet, 1880. J Laher. Die Heilerfolge der inneren Sc/dtimhaut-J/assage bei den chronischen Erkranlctmgen der Nose.

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