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^ '/^ ^ ZZ - of those in which the neuritie symptoms were severe, there was marked disturbance of the digestive apparatus Tn several cases distinct delay in Cefaclor 250mg transmission Buy Cefaclor Online of painful impressions was noted. Tests of sense perception in the Nov. 20, 1897.1 BONDURAyfT: EKDEMIC MULTIPLE NEURTTL'i. 689 extremely demented and Buy Cheap Cefaclor imbecile class with which we had to deal were often impossible, and always difficult and unsatisfactory, and no reliable data as Cefaclor Price to muscular or pressure sense were obtained. The temperature sense was not notably disordered in the few cases in which tests could be made. In mild cases and in the early stages of severe ones the skin reflexes were not abnormal; after Cefaclor Cost the more severe cases were fully developed there was usually complete aboUtion of these reflexes in affected portions of the body. The tendon reflexes disappeared early, and were absent throughout the course of the disease in practically every case. They did not reappear for some time after recovery was apparently complete, the Cefaclor Antibiotic patellar reflex often remaining absent for months after the Order Cefaclor patient was up and able to walk. The motor s}Tnptoms, appearing with or shortly after the sensory disorders, were: Stiffness in muscles supplied by aft'ected nerves, progressing •-» j through simple weakness and disinclination to exertion to some degree of Purchase Cefaclor Online paralysis, this in Cefaclor Monohydrate severe cases becoming com- plete. In cases in which the disease had an extensive distri- bution the patient was ofttimes unable to move hand or foot, Cefaclor Ceclor or to turn in bed. The affected muscles ^became relaxed, soft, and mushlike, and, as above mentioned, very tender on pres- sure. The severity of the pain and degree of paralysis bore a close relationship, but, whereas the pains and other sensory dis- orders passed away after a few- weeks at most, Cefaclor Tablets the motor paralysis was in all cases fol- Order Cefaclor Online lowed by a corresponding degree of atrophy in the mus- cles, with weakness or partial paralysis, which persisted for weeks and months. This atrophy, while imper- ceptible in some of the milder cases, was in the severe ones a prominent feature, the limbs being sometimes re- duced to skin and bones, with a little intervening fibrous tissue. The atrophy was most pronounced in the legs, but also, in some cases, well shown in the upper Cefaclor Antibiotics extremi- ties, shoulders, pectoral, and other trunk muscles. Wrist and Cefaclor Generic foot drop were typically shown. In a few of the most severe cases there was some contracture, which in two cases threatened to prove permanent in the legs, producing a distinct talipes equinovarus in both, with, in one, stiffening of knees, due to con- traction in the muscles of the Cefaclor Cd posterior aspect of the thigh. In all cases in which there was noticeable muscular atrophy the electrical reaction of degeneration was pres- ent, this consisting in diminution of faradaic excitability on both muscle and nerve, the muscles in Cefaclor Mg severe cases showing no Purchase Cefaclor Cefaclor 500mg response to an interrupted current so strong Fig. 1.— Beribt-ri. late stage, showing atrophy of mui-clee of legs and foot-drop. as to be unbearably painful. With the galvanic current a reversal or some Cefaclor Generation modification of the law of contraction was commonly obtained, the usual result with currents

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