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legs. The muscles of the body and upper extremi- ties were also atrophied, although less than those of the legs. Avelox Generic Name Electrical examination after the acute stage showed typical reaction of degeneration in the muscles of the arms, forearms, hand, shoulder, and chest. The com- pletely paralyzed muscles of her legs refused to respond to the Printable Avelox Coupon faradaie current, or to the galvanic, until power of motion was partially regained, when Coupon For Avelox moderately strong currents gave the usual reaction of degeneration complete. The patient remained practically helpless in bed for three months, slowly improving during the latter portion of this time. Power returned first in the muscles of Iter arms and body, then very gradually Avelox Online in those of her legs. Seven months after the attack, however, her legs are still small, weak, and the patient is unable to walk. 68S BOEDURANT: ENDEMIC MULTIPLE NEURITIS. [N. Y. Med. Joi'r. Tendon reflexes are still although she stands alone, absent. A striking feature of the disease was its variability in mode of onset. Some eases began suddenly with fever and gastro-intestinal irritation, as is commonly seen in the acute infections, the local neuritie symptoms appear- ing either simultaneously or after a few days. In other instances the onset was insidious, the initial vague aches, pains, and discomfort gradually crystallizing into the clinical picture of neuritis without fever Bayer Avelox or general sys- temic disorder, it being in many of these cases impossi- ble to date the commencement of the attack. In still other cases the initial symptom was suddenly Generic Avelox occurring dyspnoea, with tachycardia and violent pulsation of Avelox 400 Mg Price the vessels of the Buy Avelox Online neck; oedema of feet and ankles was in others the first indication. The temperature was in about half of the eases ele- vated in the beginning, but usually subsided to normal within a week Buy Avelox or less. In a small proportion of the cases there Avelox Iv was no fever for some days after the local symptoms of neuritis were well established. In a still smaller group there were throughout the disease irregu- lar rises of temperature, evidently due in most cases to intercurrent complications (see Charts I to V). consisting in anorexia, nausea, offensive breath, a heavily furred, raw, red-edged tongue, with, in some cases, gaseous distention of the intestines and much tenderness on pressure over the abdomen. Constipation was the rule, although in one or two cases there was diarrhoea. In some instances this gastro-intestinal disorder formed the most prominent feature of the case, quite overshad- owing the local neuritis. These eases resembled a ty- phoid fever, minus the typhoid temperature. Where they appeared together, the fever Avelox Generic usually subsided much sooner than did the digestive disturbance. Neither the fever nor the gastro-intestinal symptoms were seemingly essential features of the disease, since cases exhibiting all of the milder nerve symptoms remained free from sys- temic disorder throughout the course of the disease. The clinical manifestations of inflammation of the peripheral nerves varied in intensity, distribution, and character, but always consisted in Purchase Avelox weakness, perversion, or abolition of function of the affected nerve trunk. In all cases the disease began in nerves of the legs, the peroneal being first and chiefly involved; and in about one Avelox 400mg Tablets fourth the neuritis was confined to the legs. In the remaining three fourths of the eases the disease extended by more or less rapid Cheap Avelox upward progression to the Avelox 400 Mg Dosage nerves of the trunk and the upper extremities. Some of the rapidly advancing cases presented all Generic For Avelox of the symptoms of acute ascending or Landry's paral- ysis. In a small proportion of the cases the en- tire peripheral nervous system seemed to be al- most simultaneously attacked, oedema and tachy- cardia accompanying (" jjernieious " form Avelox Generic Equivalent of beri- beri). In a few instances the nerves of the face were implicated; in one case aphonia resulted from participation of the laryngeal branches of the vagus, and in one case there was great diffi- culty in Avelox Strong Antibiotic swallowing liquids, probably from the same cause. In one patient the disease, begin- ning in the legs, eventually became more severe in the upper extremities, the man being able to walk while the arms were almost useless. The sensory symptoms were frequently those to first attract attention — pain and Avelox Antibiotic 400mg tenderness in the area of distribution of the affected nerve, at

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