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about ten in a month. Eaily in September of 1896 she had a series of epi- leptic convulsions during three successive days, and after this lay in bed, stuporous, dull, at times comatose. There was some fever, bowels were constipated, tongue coated with thick white fur, edges red, breath oilensive, no desire for actos tablets food, urine scanty, generic actos actos 45 mg high order actos online colored, actos price and albu- minous. After several days it was noted that her heart action was becoming rapid, and her lower limbs, chest, and face cedematous. At this time patient was so stu- poroiis that actos buy online no actos 15 mg satisfactory actos generic name test actos cost of nerve reactions could be had, and it is impossible actos mg to date the first order actos appearance of neuritic symptoms. The patient at the expiration of a week came out of the state- price of actos of coma, and ten days after the Chart I Disease, Beriberi. Case No. I. Date, Sept. 'Oij purchase actos online D*r OP Disease a 4 actos online 5 cost of actos G 7 S 9 10 11 12 actos 30 mg 13 generic for actos u J5 IC cheap actos 17 13 1;1 2(1 21 22 23 STOOLS 1 2 I buy cheap actos 1 1 1 1

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