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5 1 4.5 15 15 Acticin Cream 5 25 5 2 Total. 1,2011 71 21 80 32 It will be noted that while the negroes suffered in smaller numerical proportion than did the white patients, the disease in them Acticin Cream 5 assumed a severe form, six out of the seven cases terminating fatally. The negro Purchase Acticin Online women were Purchase Acticin almost exempt. The six cases in negro men developed among the fifty patients cared for in a detached ward near the main building of the hospital; no case occurred at the " Graystone Farm," two miles from main hospital group, where ninety negro men are colonized. In both races the men suffered more than the women. Direct contagion could not be traced. A Generic Acticin most remarkable feature of the disease was exloib- ited in its peculiar distribution Order Acticin among the several classes of insane patients. Every one of the seventy-one pa- tients attacked was the subject of a psychic degenerative form of mental disorder. While some of these had Acticin Permethrin Cream pre- viously suffered from chronic renal troubles or other im- pairment of health, it was, speaking generally, not the physically but the mentally enfeebled who fell victims to the disease. There were eighty epileptics in the hos- pital; of these, thirty-two bad beriberi. The remaining thirty-nine cases occurred in imbeciles, paranoiacs, and those terminal Buy Acticin Online dements Acticin Price showing marked degenerative stigmata. No patient having an acute or curable form of insanity took the disease; no one of the six or seven hundred patients actively employed in work on the farm, in shops, laundry, or elsewhere, was attacked; and no case occurred among the two hundred employees Order Acticin Online of the institution. The cases were of many varieties and every grade of severity. The common symptoms were those of neuritis — t.e., muscular weakness, tenderness, pain, paraes- thesiffi, loss of deep reflexes, followed by atrophy of mus- cles, and the electrical reaction of degeneration — accom- panied by rise of temperature, gastro-intestinal disturb- ance, general anasarca, and tachycardia. The cases wliich occurred in September and October of 1896 were, as a class, more severe than were the cases seen Buy Cheap Acticin the year previous; the neuritis was more extensive, ofttimes im- plicating the entire peripheral nervous system, and car- 6S6 BONDURANT: ENDEMIC MULTIPLE NEURITIS. [N. Y. Med. JorE., diac complications were frequent. A large proportion of them were typical examples of " beriberi hydrops," a form not seen during the first and milder outbreak. , A clinical picture of the disease can best be given by a description of cases illustrating its several varieties. Case I. — AVhite female, thirty-six years old, imbe- cile, has had epileptic convulsions since Buy Acticin infancy, the number of seizures during the past five years averaging

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